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Comment Re:This happened to me (Score 3, Informative) 210

Do not use the same browser for LinkedIn as for any web based email. Note that separate windows doesn't count as separate browsers. Unless you know how to start browsers in a truly separate way, you're better off using separate userids in your computer for each web site that might do this (lots of them).

Comment Re:Doesn't make sense (Score 4, Informative) 210

Their client side code is running in the same web browser than the user logged in to that user's web based email with. It's a browser security issue. Once they know the domain in your email address, they know how to watch you for when you login to your email web site. They don't need the password since it is already logged in. They can't get the password used, but they can get the email contact list, and the contents of the email you are currently reading.

Comment I simply don't do any email from the browser ... (Score 1) 210

... I use to login to LinkedIn. That way THEIR web client code can't get into my web based email (more than one site) using holes in the browser. For each site I have configured, there is a separate virtual HOME directory the browser is using, so things like cookies and browser processes are fully separated. I can log in to LinkedIn with one process and log in to Gmail with another process and there's no information going between. I can even login to 2 or more different Gmail accounts at the same time using this kind of separation (normally one would have to use separate userids or separate machines).

Comment Re:Someone didn't read the screen, methinks. (Score 1) 210

However, if LinkedIn can figure out where you login to to read your email, which is not hard to do, AND if you are logged in to your email when they try to login as you with the same browser, then THEY can get it because it is your browser that is logging in. Wanna see how that works? Login to your email, then press Ctrl+N and make a new browser, and login to your email from the new browser. Hint: it's just a window on the same browser.

They don't need your password.

Comment Re:Theory vs. Practice (Score 1) 191

The problem is that too many of the patents are not innovative. Anyone can make a widget bolt. That patent should have never been issued.

NRA did not stray off ... it was pulled off track by the "ban all guns" lobby. The problem today is even well intentioned changes like "background checks for mental illness everywhere" risks the slippery slope, and the "pro guns" lobby has to fight even that to be sure "ban all guns" isn't where we end up. To fix this, liberals need to show, by their actions, they are no longer wanting to "ban all guns", just to get "better background checks" through. Sad.

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