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Comment Re:Quid Pro Quo? (Score 2) 304

THIS is the danger! Maybe it is less so because technically this theft is illegal in China, too, and he did step onto US soil. But the danger is that things we in the US think of as perfectly legal, like putting up web sites about Tibet's political struggles, or insult the royal family in Thailand, or trade in historical Nazi artifacts, we run the risk of being arrested in one or more countries. And to the extent that the US government demands extradition for things that are illegal here, for acts done in the other countries, those countries might demand similar extradition the other way.

Comment One thing that will be useful ... (Score 1) 372

... is honest benchmark/speed ratings conducted by an independent 3rd party testing. And this testing should include a number of methods of testing to simulate best case, worst case, random case, and typical case scenarios. That testing should include single devices as well as several common RAID configurations. The selected test configurations should be the same for all products. That should include all-read, all-write, and mixed read/write scenarios.

Then all retails who don't list these exact ratings should be boycotted.

Comment VPNs (Score 4, Insightful) 82

“The court orders obtained in relation to The Pirate Bay cover not only the site itself, but also sites which have the sole or predominant purpose of providing access to The Pirate Bay. It would not be right to allow proxy sites flagrantly to circumvent blocks ordered by the High Court. We do not publish the names of proxies and it would not be appropriate for us to do so,” a BPI spokesperson said.

Well, if they expect VPN providers to block the pirate sites, they will have to provide them with a list. If they fail to provide them with a list, then it is crystal clear that they have no intention to have them block pirate sites.

Comment Jailbreaking vs Activation Lock (Score 1) 321

These two things really are orthogonal. Activation Lock can be done even with jailbreaking. Apple could allow jailbreaking on a properly activated phone. But they won't and we all know that it is NOT for preventing theft. Activation lock can help the theft issue. It can also tighten down the jailbreaking (even though it is a different thing).

St^H^HTim: I'm still not gonna buy your junk ... even less so now.

Comment Re:enough is enough (Score 1) 405

Not to mention all the people who will use whatever technology they come up with, at higher transmit powers, to kill cell phones everywhere (although in a movie theater, this might be a good thing). If the system requires authentication to work, no one will do it. If it's a coded signal, they better find a way to avoid a replay attack.

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