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Comment Re:enough is enough (Score 1) 405

Not to mention all the people who will use whatever technology they come up with, at higher transmit powers, to kill cell phones everywhere (although in a movie theater, this might be a good thing). If the system requires authentication to work, no one will do it. If it's a coded signal, they better find a way to avoid a replay attack.

Comment Re:Why wait for IPv4 depletion? (Score 2) 155

Someone doesn't understand what NAT does. The T part means translation. It's not needed in IPv6 anymore, but can be used for obfuscation. The NAT box keeps track of the translation so that traffic handles won't know where the real origin is. With a limited address space like you get in IPv4, which is usually just ONE address, then NAT translates everything to that address. With IPv6 NAT can translate the internal network structure into random IPv6 addresses in the standard /64 minimal assignment. So it doesn't need port numbers to keep things separate. And this can all be controlled by policy configuration.

Comment Re:2160 (Score 2) 286

I hate coders like you: I have to jump all over the place to see what's happening in some function you call that isn't located right where the call is located. So now I end having to use 3 monitors and a couple dozen windows just to see all the logic of what is happening.

Comment TB;DB (Score 1) 286

Too Big; Don't Buy. Well, unless you want it that big.

I'd be quite happy with 2304x1296. It just need to be a little taller than 1200 (1080 would never work out). I have 1920x1200 now and it's just a wee bit too small. It seems my only option is 2560x1600.

I also need the right spectrum. The monitors we bought from Dell at work really sucked because of the wavelengths chosen for each of the primary colors. They split wide apart. Nobody specs that, so there is no way to tell when buying online. I'm currently using an NEC MultiSync EA241WM. I had that at work, so I bought one for home, too. It has the spectrum that works best for me (colors don't split apart in my glasses).

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