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Comment Re:It's about time (Score 2) 684

And this is exactly why a lawsuit ... or better yet, criminal charges (so it means time in prison when convicted) needs to be brought to court, to clear this up.

That said, I'm in favor of letting provably qualified workers come to this country under certain conditions. Number 1 is they are free to move on to a new employer at any time, which they might want to do for better pay and/or better conditions. And number 2 is that they state an intent to seek American citizenship, and move through the steps to get that over the course of their visa based employment.

Comment Re:She may well be right, but (Score 2) 684

H-1B rules are different. H-1B allows brining in foreign workers to fill the gap when Americans with the qualifications cannot be found. Assuming she is qualified and assuming she did apply for the job, then they have no basis to use H-1B to bring in the foreign worker.

More likely she is being discriminated against because she won't submit to a captive (stuck with the same employer and cannot complaint about horrible working conditions we so often see in H-1B situations).

Personally, I'd rather see an open system. But that also means the foreign workers who hold the H-1Bs can jump over to any employer they want (carrying a prorated debt to the company that paid for getting them the H-1B). So anyone that wants an open system needs to also allow this or it isn't really open.

Comment Re:Build your own damn internet (Score 1) 505

The NSA is not my worry. While we don't like being spied on and especially don't like it when not told about it, as long as the data is only going to them, then I'm really not worried. Their motivation is not to spam me or rip off my bank account. I'm more upset at the Congress people that knew about this but lied and said it did not exist (as compared to the NSA position of "we never comment on anything"). I figured this out a few years ago from public info. Lots of people did. But now that everyone knows, more people actually "get" the jokes made about the NSA (like: what telemarketer just called? ask the NSA).

Now what is the KGB, GRU, and NKVD up to these days? More "in Soviet Russia" jokes?

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 371

One problem is lack of shared memory of the code. The JVM file could be shared if done via read-only memory mapping. But then JIT compilation has to work on the side, not in-place. And processes can't share their JIT results, so Java has to depend more on threads.

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