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Comment Re:Its the management (Score 2) 238

Based on many engineers I know, the job is NEVER finished. They can always keep improving it. So apparently what you see is a kind of "product snapshot" in progress, because management wants to deliver something NOW, instead of wait 10 years for it to be nearly perfect for what the market wants THIS year.

Comment Re:Who thinks the free market "prevents" things? (Score 1, Insightful) 238

The "free market" just means the corporations are "free" to do whatever the hell they want to. Usually, we expect them to be driven to maximize profit. That happens when the executives are smart enough to achieve it. In reality, they are often smart enough to get fairly close to what their maximum profit could be. But this does not include YOU. If you are going to refuse to buy their next $200 phone, they are not going to give a damn about retro-fixing the current phone, which would cost them millions to code it, test it, and deploy it, just to be sure they get your business the next time. Now if enough of you can make them believe they would lose more than it costs, that can get their attention. Go for that. if you want things to not be this way, then join me in promoting the concept of a "fair market", which places more regulations on big corporations so they realize a loss in the form of fines for doing things wrong.

Comment Re:"We need to talk to you about some email" (Score 1) 382

This was my first thought. Now I can imagine the CEO might not know. Those guys have their heads in a little world of P&L spreadsheets and don't really have a clue about the real world. At least someone in IT should, however, know about the things that can effect their network. So maybe the head of IT is ignorant about the internet, but at least someone who works for him really ought to know.

Comment Re:If it's not your PC, nothing on it is private. (Score 1) 382

I agree that all the resources at the office belong to the business, aside from what few you personally bring in. But it is also traditionally acceptable to use certain things in the office when on your own time, such as breaks. For example, the big table in the office kitchen area can be used for eating your lunch, after heating it in the company owned microwave oven. But, while on your break, and choosing to sit in your office where you can be contacted on the company office phone system in case of any problems with the company IT systems, you choose to browse the news web sites, or place an order on a retail web site, or read the email from your significant other about the need for more milk ... is that OK? Is it considered OK by workers? Is it considered OK by employers? What would you do if you boss never mentioned one way or the other if it were allowed? What would you do if lots of other workers were doing it and the boss knew about it and did nothing?

Comment Re:Neither (Score 4, Insightful) 277

This so often depends on what the task is. If management chooses to let you decide how to go from problem to solution, this kind of thing can happen for a lot of people. If management is already dictating specifics of the solution, then it is most likely to end up as a disaster (except people with the special unique skill of knowing how to deal with idiot managers).

Comment Bring back XP (Score 3, Interesting) 283

It's OK to upgrade it with drivers for newer hardware, and plug up more security holes. But give us the same user interface (as a choice).

Really. We CAN go back and run most older window systems/managers on a new Linux kernel and maybe new X server. We can get the old user interface. We can even get something that emulates Windows 95 (seen it). Why can't the core Microsoft Windows system do that? Just provide an app that chooses which user interface to use.

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