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Comment Define "real name" (Score 4, Interesting) 85

Who here knows what my "human legal name" is? Everyone online knows me by either my Norwegian nickname (Skaperen) or my Swedish nickname (Skapare). There's no point in getting on Facebook at all unless I use these names. Well, OK, I do have a couple other nicknames.

I don't think a law should force them to accept nicknames. This should happen when Mark quits being stupid.

Comment Re:Wastre Tax (Score 1) 418

Make a law that requires manufacturers to accept back all devices that fail or are no longer wanted (so they don't become part of the pollution) ... with the requirement to pay a prorated value during the warranty period (that they must state in all advertising and must be no less than either 1 year, or for devices with contract term period, no less than that term period). If it's past the warranty, you still get to ship the device to the manufacturer for them to recycle at their cost (you pay shipping ... but don't bother insuring it).

Comment Mine was accurate (Score 1) 736

Back when I made a kit for building bootable ISOs that worked on both x86 and Sparc, the first stage initrd code loaded initramfs from another file. It included a progress bar with 128 steps (64 columns of '=' characters with '-' at the end for one step) that was tied exactly to the true progress, because the same loop was copying data of a known size and outputting the bar. In that case it is easy.

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