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Comment Re:Say what you want about Google (Score 1) 165

Most of all, they sure as hell won't shoot themselves in the foot. Think about it: What is the main reason something shows up on top in Google's searches? Well, one of the reasons is that a lot of people who used the search term considered this link useful. Which in turn means that it is most likely useful for others using the same search term. Which in turn means that using Google, one of the first hits is what you were looking for.

If those links that usually appear at the top now have to be lowered in rank, it goes AGAINST the interests of Google, because their search results do no longer reflect what those searching actually wanted.

Dear RIAA: We know that you're world class experts at hitting your own foot effortlessly, and we welcome your advice how to do it. But unlike you, there are actually companies out there the business model of which centers around ideas that are alien and outlandish to you: Delivering what their audience wants.

Comment Re:And I.... (Score 1) 165

In case you haven't noticed yet, the very LAST thing dinosaurs like the RIAA want is an unguided free market. Think about it: Who needs them? People wanting to sell music can easily find people wanting to buy music, they're the middle man that can so easily be eliminated entirely.

In a free market they'd have gone the way of the dodo ages ago.

Comment Re:Good for Google (Score 1) 165

Yes I do. It might be nice of Google to tell me "hey, this page could be infected with something, enter at your own risk", though.

Maybe we could meet half way where Google doesn't filter "illegal" sites but marks them with a similar warning?

Warning people that they might do something risky or illegal is quite fine and very welcome. Censoring content and taking the decision out of my hand is not.

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