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Comment Re:So you're saying, (Score 5, Insightful) 284

Well DUH! Whenever some CEO says "We won't do it" as soon as something they planned (read: quietly announced to test the waters) caused a public outcry, it only means "we're waiting for you to be occupied with something else".

They invested money inventing it, it benefits them, they won't just "forget" about it. They wait for YOU to forget about it.

Comment Re:Legislation (Score 1) 207

And now try to convince some government in a country the name of which ends in -stan that prosecuting spammers is a worthwhile endeavour. Hint: It's likely a big part of their GDP.

Please lemme be there, I promise I try not to laugh. Can't promise I won't laugh, but I'll try.

Another hint: Spam doesn't give a fuck about your local laws, and neither does it care for petty things like national borders.

Comment There is a reason for this: IT WORKED (Score 2) 318

And why did it work? Noooo, not because Cobol is so great, or because programmers back then were so much better. The difference is simply that they had time to test it, and test it, and test it again, before it was finally deemed ready for shipping.

Today you get bananaware. Yes, bananaware. Matures at the customer.

Today, the deadline determines shipping date. Not "when it's done", but when the manager set some arbitrary point in time. Whatever we have at that point, we'll ship.

Now add that they hire the cheapest temps they can find instead of programmers with experience, and whoever has more than 2 years of XP tries to get the hell out and into some management position because the pay, let's face it, stinks, and you know why no program will EVER replace those dinosaurs.

They were programmed in a time when companies accepted that good software costs money.

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