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Comment Re:Why FPSes? (Score 1) 518

Still in the field of RTSes (instead of FPSes), i'd like to suggest Total Annihilation. Man, that game rocked, in every way possible for a RTS. Convincing construction of units/buildings, 3D (when everybody was 2D), LOTS of units (every one with a utility), tons of possible strategies, incredible gameplay (the best I've ever seen until today)... the only thing it lacks is a good story, but it's just a detail. TA totally deserves a remake.

Comment Re:Just randomize the keyboard every time (Score 1) 185

Easy to solve this. For the blind, in the first touch, the device (let's say, an ATM) can say what key is being pressed (by headphones, of course). A second touch confirms the keystroke. Another solution is: touch and slide the finger over the keys, hearing what key is under the touch and release to confirm.

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