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Comment failure (Score 1) 113

This was a bad demonstration of relativistic effects. All it really does is demonstrate the Doppler effect, and it does that poorly. People are evidently not warm, because they do not glow when infrared light becomes visible. Chimneys do, but so do shadows under roofs.

The huge mushrooms emit what, gamma rays? They emit light that is visible even when enormously red-shifted.

There is no Sun or sky. No campfires. No warm machinery. No radios. No flowers with UV patterns. Nothing familiar that will illustrate something interesting about the Doppler shift and the world of invisible light.

It's a nifty idea, but finish it before releasing it.

Comment Re:It depends on whatcha mean when you say style (Score 1) 479

Seriously? You are reading the code, fixing bugs, and you find formatting problems. So you back out your half-complete changes, fix the formatting, commit that change, then re-apply your fix-in-progress? You actually do that? Of course you don't.

The better policy is that code must be formatted correctly when it is committed the first time. Which is why we have style guidelines in the first place.

Coders should spend their time looking at the code, not getting distracted by style variations.

Comment Whatever you chose, make it automatable (Score 1) 479

Whatever style you choose, make sure that it can be generated with whatever automatic formatting tools you have available. This allows you to cut-n-paste code from other sources, and not waste precious time hand-formatting it (or leaving it in the wrong style). It also avoids the problem of lazy programmers feeling butt-hurt when somebody points out that their code does not follow the style. They can simply run their sloppy code through the pretty-printer before committing it.

Comment naive (Score 1) 479

If you think the only way anybody will ever view your code is in a "sane IDE", you are mistaken. Just because your current IDE can compensate for your bad formatting, that doesn't make your bad formatting a good practice.

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