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Comment Re:inspiration (Score 2, Funny) 136

I'm so glad we finally moved to a standardized sense of humor system so that we'll all think the same things are funny and no longer have awkward moments of only certain people laughing at certain things. I'm especially looking forward to the consolidation of the comedian market as we remove the unnecessary comics and just zone in to the one that tells the jokes that are in keeping with our collective sense of humor.

Comment Re:Finding 1920x1200's (Score 1) 1140

I'm sure that this will lead to more complaining, but if you want the benefit of buying whatever you like online but can't wait a week or two to get it shipped, you could go to your local university or office building. Seems EVERYONE is throwing away old CRTs that didn't even go bad, just got replaced with LCDs. Your free one week replacements might be a little crappy and annoying, but it's worth every penny.

Comment Not worth the 1:12 of my life (Score 1) 15

What a lame video. It takes what google is currently doing beyond the extreme, and then extrapolates that obviously there's a deal with the devil and that in the future, google will fly around the earth collecting data while we protest... Every single bit of that is ridiculous. Even if google was trying (or just inadvertently succeeding) to be evil, their entire power comes from ad revenue. So people wouldn't be on the streets waving signs. They'd be ignoring google completely. If you want to know what real evil is, take Hitler. And even HE would have had no power if the Germans decided he was evil and crazy and decided not to listen to him.

Comment Re:Internet connections are shitty in the West. (Score 1) 164

Apparently you are among those masses. What odies was trying to do is reinforce the first comment. Another AC commented back with a message of astonishment and odies was giving further detail for that confused poster. Likely odies assumed that his state of astonishment was due to thinking that Asian connections are slow as that Someone in the USA would experience a large amount of latency between their computer and one in an Asian country.

Comment Re:American Guns!! Yay NRA!! (Score 1) 518

I think you're reading far too much into what I said. You're making everything black and white. All that I said is that if you are an average citizen with no lawmaking capabilities, you do have the ability to not support the cartels. I'm not saying it's the best way. I'm not saying it's the only way. But it is a way.

Also saying that a plant may have some medical use in the future as an argument as to why you should be able to recreationally use it is kind of flawed.

Comment Re:American Guns!! Yay NRA!! (Score 1) 518

And why should they?

Did you miss the entire conversation here? The reason is to stop supporting the evil crime syndicates that are harming many many people. I have far more of a problem with that than drugs. I don't care if you use drugs. You talk about it naturally growing. Go for it. I personally don't care if you do.

But to act like there's no reason to not use drugs just because you could pick an apple off a tree.That is a huge oversight of the situation. If crime groups were illegally trafficking apples and killing people over it, you can sure as hell bet I would advise not to purchase any of their apples too.

Comment Re:Why is this being blurted out? (Score 1) 81

What you really need to do is get it into sites that have a little more cred. Here's what you do, make a personal website that denotes some level of attention. My first thought is do some sort of hardware hack that makes it into Hack-a-day, Engadget, Wired, what have you. Get it slashdotted. Somehow use that to attract higher scale news that is looking for a feel good technology story to make people not fear the singularity. Then the image is on some news website. Other people write websites, google for pictures, use your picture. Suddenly your uncensored information is all over the web...

Of course everything I just said is completely impractical, especially if you're trying to spread more than one tiny source of information.

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