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Comment Re:Dell, (Score 1) 354

Nothing more than a brand? Perhaps on the consumer side, but they are one of the only soup to nuts technology providers for large enterprises. IBM got out of the PC/laptop business and HP put the future of their PC/laptop unit in question while Dell has shown they are committed to staying in the market. If you want to consolidate your vendors and purchase servers and laptops from the same company, Dell is the only obvious choice currently. A few years back they miss stepped by offshoring their tech support, but they have since brought it back to the states and quality has improved. With their purchases of EqualLogic and Compellent, Dell is also becoming a force in the SAN market. Other strategic purchases such as SecureWorks, Force 10, and Kace shows that Dell is willing to diversify to continue to stay relevant while continuing to server their core x86 market.

Comment Almost out of alphabet letters for Flash 10! (Score 1) 174

I know the real reason why they are announcing Flash 11 now-- they are almost out of alphabet letters for Flash 10! If you look at the "Macromed" folder (Yeah, it still refers to Macromedia even 6 years after being acquired) under System32/SysWOW64 folder you'll find the browser plugins. The version today released today ( is named "FlashUtil10x_Plugin.exe" and the version before that was of course "FlashUtil10w_Plugin.exe". That only gives them two more letters to use before they have to figure out a new naming scheme. Best to go to a new version number so they can start over from the beginning of the alphabet. ::chuckle::

Comment Released? (Score 2) 174

This looks more like an Announcement than a Release. The bits won't be available for download until October. However, there was a new version of Flash Player 10 released today ( that resolves a cross-site scripting issue.

Comment AIM was replaced by texting (Score 2) 395

Like others have pointed out, this article is referring to when the general masses first moved to instant messaging and is not indicative of the /. crowd. Along those same lines, AIM wasn't really replaced by Facebook or any other computer based system. It really laid the ground work for the telecom cash cow of text messaging. Since not everyone was behind a keyboard/monitor at all times, texting offered a true "instant message." The old online instant messengers only got people used to the concept of conversing in short messages rather than calling them up on the phone.

Comment Re:Privacy is the next killer ap (Score 1) 109

Are you kidding me? Perhaps for the /. crowd, but what about the average Facebook wielding user? Almost every "application" on the site states that you are forsaking your own privacy and that of your "friends." Those requirements don't stop many from agreeing to the terms of use. The average user doesn't even think of privacy.

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