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Comment Just be super-upfront (Score 4, Interesting) 608

Look, PBS has ads now. They still require donations, but they have ads. Just keep the bar very high, and the disclosure very clear. Maybe you make it so that companies can advertise, but cannot advertise with any product specificity, and that all images must carry a small (a) sign to signify it's an ad? It's not impossible. Look, many companies advertise on PBS to improve their image. Wikipedia can position itself the same way... as an image builder. Just get past the begging though. It's old. If your idea is *that* good, you shouldn't have a problem getting ad money.

Comment It's bologna (Score 5, Insightful) 735

If someone says that, "they just need a programmer", they haven't vetted the idea. If they really knew what they wanted, they wouldn't need a programmer - they'd need a contract fulfilled for a specific task. If you say that crap, you're just a bullshit marketing guy.

Comment Missing the point here - Subsidies (Score 1) 422

There are some seriously overlooked issues here.
#1 - new consoles are sold at a loss at launch, and are "buoyed" by licensing of games.
#2 - the hottest gaming platform on the planet sells most of its games for Free, $0.99, or $2.99.
#3 - the first company to blink (see: 360) will be trumped for the 5 years afterwards in specs (see: PS3)
#4 - mobile platforms have games that are much more popular per title. Angry Birds, anyone?
#5 - mobile platforms are mobile, and have much *less* hardware

These ideas combine to be a big problem. All platforms have introduced alternative controls. Xbox will never get Blu-Ray, Sony will never get a paid network as big as Live. Nintendo has success without expensive hardware. This means that no one has a big incentive to jump out and say "we can do 1080p more than before". I have a hard time believing the $60/disc model is going to continue, especially when EA aren't giving full content to resold games. Why pay $60 for most of that shit? There are about 5 games a year I'd even consider paying that much for, and I sure don't have the time and capacity to go through a large campaign plus master multiplayer pr0n. I want a game I am satisfied playing in 60 minutes. And you only pay $1/minute if you're getting a Happy Ending.

Comment Vinyl (Score 3, Insightful) 520

People like vinyl better than digital audio sometimes. This isn't new. Leave discrete cards to us professionals and audiophiles. You iPod earbud wearing types, feel free to use integrated stuff. It's much better than it used to be. It's not external, but anymore it doesn't need to be. It's "good enough". Why is this a debate?

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