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Comment Re:Two Slashdot stories and a PA comic = Epic Fail (Score 2) 576

It sounds like Dave is the real marketer that saved the day here. He sang praises of the controller throughout all the abuse and was very emphatic to Gabe that people need to disassociate Avenger from Ocean. At the end of it all the Avenger came out looking good despite Paul's efforts rather than because of them (well, he did absolutely nothing to protect the brand image and seems to be trying to milk this to make himself famous).

Comment Re:Doesn't matter (Score 1) 223

It does matter when 99% of routers only have dyndns as an option.

I very much doubt the 99% figure as I have never encountered or heard about such a router.

But that doesn't matter because the authoritative nameserver that you choose does not need to be the same as whatever people are using to make DNS queries for them to find your site.

Comment Re:Qt (Score 2) 90

How do you pronounce a name like that? Only stupid "free software" hippies would make a word without vowils. Who's going to use this shit if you can't even say it?

It's meant to be pronounced "cute", although I used to say "kyoo-tee" before I was aware of this.

If I have my facts straight it was called "Qt" 7 years before adopting a Free Software licence, so those hippies of yours don't actually have a monopoly on consonants.

Comment Re:First post! (Score 1) 90

Wasn't webkit originally forked (or derived) from khtml, which was KDE's rendering library?

Yes, and that was made with the KDE framework, which in turn was made with Qt.

The Ouroboros lives!

Comment Re:Pot, kettle, black (Score 3, Interesting) 441

People in DPRK live to serve the government. They are effectively peasants and serfs, party members are vassals and the top generals are royalty, with the Kim Jong-il clan as the heriditary monarchy. This state is not communist, it's a throwback to the middle ages, when the King owned all the lands. Other than a little bit of planned economy, it's nothing like communism - because communisn is something people would strive for, not have forced upon them at barrel of gun or threat of dying in one dear monster's labor/re-education camps.

Some are born communist, some achieve communism, and some have communism thrust upon them.

Comment Summary is misleading (Score 4, Informative) 152

The hack was possible because the website was managed using PHP-MyAdmin, and this application allowed database access without a password.

That's a bit misleading. From what I gather the hack was possible because the database was configured to allow access without a password. Considering that, whether or not PHPMyAdmin is appropriate is a tiny matter by comparison. The summary makes it sound like PHPMyAdmin is to blame.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 463

There are 3 basic classes of consumers, not 2.

1. Those who pay for software, and use it.

2. Those who pirate software, but would pay for it if they couldn't pirate it.

3. Those who pirate software, but would not otherwise pay for it.

#3 seems to be what the Swiss decision is based on.

I agree to an extent, but that that list is not exhaustive. I can think of a few more off the top of my head:

4. Those who pirate the software and pay for it, but would not otherwise have paid for it

5. Those who pirate the software and pay for it, but would have paid for it anyway

6a. Those who pay for software but don't use it except to make and sell illegal copies

6b. Those who make and sell illegal copies without having paid

6c. Customers of #6a and #6b (special cases of #2 and #3, some of whom believe to belong to #1)

I have a vague, unsubstantiated suspicion that, excluding #6c, #2 is vastly overestimated; and that #4 and #5 may in fact collectively exceed #1.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 463

When NancyBoy the pirate enters the picture, and receives the benefit of ABCD without paying for it, he just stole $1, collectively, from the 10 people who paid to receive benefit. If NancyBoy the pirate had paid, the cost to the 11 benefit receivers would be $10/11 or approx $0.91. NancyBoy the pirate has stolen money, and permanently deprived 10 people of property.

I can confirm this. I happen to know NancyBoy, so I searched and found an obscure $10 album which had sold precisely 9 copies. I bought a copy myself and later lent it to NancyBoy for a few minutes to make a copy for himself (purely for the sake of science, I assure you. I don't condone this sort of behaviour in general). I then checked my bank balance and - lo and behold - 10c had been deducted from my account.

I told NancyBoy about the experiment and convinced him to buy a copy legally. I gave him $8.91 which, along with the $1 he had recently acquired somehow, was exactly enough for him to pay for a copy. I checked bank account again and found that it had increased by 9c.

Anyway, the point is that parent's example checks out, and that copyright infringement is theft rather than a distinct crime/illegal activity in its own right.

P.S. I keeping the name of the album and artist secret because if the pirates discovered it then it could bankrupt me.

(P.P.S. apologies to fsckmnky for the tongue-in-cheek reply. BTW, I do know that apologising ruins the effect, but that's just the way I am.)

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 272

I doubt they sent those emails to everyone. I certainly haven't received one. They may have put everyone in a big queue and trickled mails out to avoid getting blacklisted by spam filters or something, and you were near the top of the list. Or something happened and people got skipped or something.

Comment Re:Both Steam and Minecraft have an "offline" butt (Score 2) 272

Because both Steam and Minecraft have a "play offline" button. Does Minecraft's "play offline" button work noticeably differently to how cos(0) described Steam's?

Well, there is the fact that Minecraft's button actually works every time. Steam's offline mode button sometimes works for me but I find that more often than not it just results in the "Error - cannot connect to Steam" message.

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