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Comment Non-thinking (Score 1) 215

FB increased its membership numbers by infringing privacy via reading the email addresses of the person who signed up and sending out invitations to those email addresses as if they came from the person requesting those to join (network effects). If the infringed person would have read fine print, maybe this could have been avoided. But now we have the result. Net conclusion: idiots.

Comment Back Up Generator and UPS's (Score 1) 422

Put the server room on a separate electrical grid so you can easily install a backup generator. Since most smaller gas-fired generators are piston, they send out dirty power. To fix this only use 'Double Conversion Online UPS' which takes the dirty power and creates a perfect sine wave albeit using the battery for this so not as efficient as cheaper direct UPS.. If you use a regular APC UPS and the generator kicks, the UPS will freak and and die and it switched back and froth from battery too quickly. Buy a AV Tech environmental monitor and monitor for heat, fire, water, and humidity. Also, you might want to log card scans to get into the server room since it holds expensive equipment that could be stolen, then you can prove whose card was used to enter. Put the server room on its own subnet and firewall it from general network and Internet. If an attack happens, then you can simply unplug the external networks cables. Honey Pot and IPS monitor are nice additions.

Comment DVR's (Score 1) 133

I have been spending more time at a property I acquired to see if I might want to live there. I did not sign up for cable tv etc so I only have OTA TV and my iPhone. Not using a DVR I have noticed I have to pay much better attention to programs (using DVD player for old series too). And the iPhone-only for Internet has let me refocus on long term tasks. 24x7365 is dead end. I am cutting the cable for tv to start.

Comment Paper and Pencil (Score 1) 364

It is proven scientifically that humans learn better using paper and pencil and book. The speculated reason is our heritage on the savanna where 3D skills were the difference between life and death. I print out anything important to read and markup and form thoughts. Then I scan my mark up and type a summary into Evernote. Watch out for brainwashing in med school. Also, you will not pay off loans with obamacare cutting doctor income.

Comment Reasoning (Score 1) 1010

Algebra forms the basis for mathematical reasoning. How can you problem solve if you do not know how algebra works? The real problem is how math is taught. It is designed for teachers to teach to a test and formula, not designed for the student to immerse himself in fascination. So once again the problem is the teacher, not the student. Get rid of public education. Love this "It could, for example, teach students how the Consumer Price Index is computed, what is included and how each item in the index is weighted — and include discussion about which items should be included and what weights they should be given. " Really??? Then more Americans would understand how their government is lying about inflation. Understanding that and exponential growth would start a revolution.

Comment Re:They don't enforce snooping on everything (Score 1) 782

Is that company's security (if they know how HTTPS proxy) any worse than the banks? We don't hear about bank compromises because like Fed loans they are hidden from us. A company's network is not your personal fiefdom. I prefer spelling out policy, including "reasonable time for personal matters." Then look at Internet reports to make sure there is no abuse. When you force HTTPS proxy, you block out the chance a user does a direct connect to a compromised site that loads malware.

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