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Comment Paper and Pencil (Score 1) 364

It is proven scientifically that humans learn better using paper and pencil and book. The speculated reason is our heritage on the savanna where 3D skills were the difference between life and death. I print out anything important to read and markup and form thoughts. Then I scan my mark up and type a summary into Evernote. Watch out for brainwashing in med school. Also, you will not pay off loans with obamacare cutting doctor income.

Comment Reasoning (Score 1) 1010

Algebra forms the basis for mathematical reasoning. How can you problem solve if you do not know how algebra works? The real problem is how math is taught. It is designed for teachers to teach to a test and formula, not designed for the student to immerse himself in fascination. So once again the problem is the teacher, not the student. Get rid of public education. Love this "It could, for example, teach students how the Consumer Price Index is computed, what is included and how each item in the index is weighted — and include discussion about which items should be included and what weights they should be given. " Really??? Then more Americans would understand how their government is lying about inflation. Understanding that and exponential growth would start a revolution.

Comment Re:They don't enforce snooping on everything (Score 1) 782

Is that company's security (if they know how HTTPS proxy) any worse than the banks? We don't hear about bank compromises because like Fed loans they are hidden from us. A company's network is not your personal fiefdom. I prefer spelling out policy, including "reasonable time for personal matters." Then look at Internet reports to make sure there is no abuse. When you force HTTPS proxy, you block out the chance a user does a direct connect to a compromised site that loads malware.

Comment P/E??? (Score 1) 182

Does anyone understand what the P/E is anymore? Facebook will have earnings about 35 cents per share. That is a P/E of ~60. So an investor will need 60 years to get a return on investment assuming the share price and/or dividends pay out. And it is assured that FB will sell 2nd and 3rd rounds of stock so its P/E will stay high.

Comment Boondoggle! (Score 1) 556

This boondoggle is entirely due to the powerful farm lobby and that mostly benefits large industrial farm companies. We need to end the Agricultural Department as Ron Paul suggests.Why should farming be any different than other industries know that all farmers have internet tech, futures trading, and other modern things?

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