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Submission + - Valve's Steam Client For Mac Shows Linux Signs (phoronix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Not only is Valve bringing Steam and their games to Mac OS X (as announced last month), but evidently they will be doing the same for Linux. While the Mac OS X client is in closed testing right now, Phoronix has received a script used to launch Steam on Mac OS X and it shows signs of Linux support. Is the year of the Linux gaming desktop finally approaching?

Submission + - Apple iPad costs $260 to make (itpro.co.uk)

nk497 writes: The Apple iPad costs $260 in parts and manufacturing, with over 40 per cent of that spent on the display alone, according to a teardown by iSuppli. The company said the focus on the user interface is a complete reversal to how most computing products are made, as they tend to be "motherboard-centric." The company said the iPad "represents a radical departure in electronic design compared to conventional products."

Comment Re:Microsoft IS standards (Score 1) 177

The "average user" is not the one targeted by Office 2010, if I recall correctly, but the IT dept. whose boss/mayor/president may wants open standards documents.

The "average user" is still running Windows XP to surf the web (watch pr0n) and play video games and he is fine with his copy of Microsoft Office 2003.


Submission + - Linus joins MS as Chief Architect for new OS

Hugh Pickens writes: "IT Wire reports that Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, has signed up as Chief Software Architect with Microsoft to work on the Redmond Giant’s next-generation operating system. Torvalds will be working with Dave Cutler, the chief architect behind Windows NT who Microsoft similarly poached from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and who was behind the VAX/VMS operating system. “I’m excited about the chance to really innovate and make an operating system with Microsoft,” Torvalds says. "I want to see my work in the hands of the majority this time around.” Asked how he could reconcile working with Microsoft after long being a staunch open source advocate Torvalds said he did not see any conflict of interest. “Linux will continue to exist without me, and that’s the beauty of open source. Meanwhile, I hope to push Microsoft from the inside to make a free entry-level version of the new OS we’re creating." No details about the project are yet available, but given Cutler’s recent work on Windows Azure it’s possible it will be a cloud-centric operating system."

Submission + - Midnight Commander 5.0 turns to Mono

jjohn_h writes: Midnight Commander was taken over by a group of young Russians two years ago. 'Taken over' means that they just appropriated the trade mark and developed the code. In the meantime a couple of programmers in E. Europe and Germany have joined the team but the status of the project has not changed. Unclear it was, unclear it is. Founding father and official maintainer Miguel de Icaza was silent on the trade mark issue and appears rarely on the mailing list http://mail.gnome.org/archives/mc-devel/ But now an experimental release 5.0 is out http://www.midnight-commander.org/ and it is a Mono application with a little README from Miguel stating: >>> This is a C# version of the Midnight Commander that I am using as a testbed for Mono-Curses. Do we have to look at the calendar? If it is serious, is MC's end nigh?

Submission + - Google changes its name

mcgrew writes: As of Today, Google has officially changed its name to 'Topeka', which, as Eric Schmidt's blog notes, is a word used by the Kansa and Ioway tribes to refer to 'a good place to dig for potatoes. The change came about because Topeka, Kansas officially changed its name to 'Google'.

As they say in the former city of Topeka, 'we're not in Kansas any more'.

There's a map on the blog showing proper useage of Topeka:

Green: Before our blind date I did a Topeka search on him
Yellow: Before our blind date I Topeka'ed him
Red: Before our blind date I Topeka'd him
NO NO NO!!! :Before our blind date I Topeka'ed him with Alta Vista

Don't believe me just because it's April Fool's day and I'm an asshat? Go see for yourself!

Slashdot Discussions Now Include Roulette Video Chat 192

It's been a long time coming, but we're pleased to announce the latest updates to our discussion software. We've been paying a lot of attention to what other websites have been doing in the space, and as we are only too happy to steal good ideas, from now on all Slashdot stories will now be accompanied by a Roulette-style webcam video chat. In testing, we've discovered that Slashdot users are amazingly likely to engage in informative, troll-free discussion when presented with the video image of one of their peers. This new addition to Slashdot nicely rounds out and improves the discussion experience for all users.

Submission + - MIT media lab brings food to your RPG experience

boneglorious writes: Cynthia Breazeal's robotics group at MIT, long known for such things as the robotic flower garden, has switched their attention to non-traditional printing media. Using a sugar solution that is fused together during the printing process, they have created such goodies as Batwing Crunching (Everquest) and Crispy Bat Wings (World of Warcraft). For the moment, they all just taste like sugar, but Breazeal has plans for adding sound, smell, and an appealing swaying motion to improve user's experience of the product.

Submission + - Labour MP Backs Petition To Ban VAT On IT Repairs (eweekeurope.co.uk)

geek4 writes: A green petition designed to boost repair work has received political backing — but will it be enough?

A Labour MP has backed a campaign to lift value-added tax (VAT) from computer and communications repairs, in order to boost re-use and reduce the country’s environmental footprint.

Submission + - President Obama announces Cash for Consoles plan

ccgr writes: This program will be an overwhelming success, allowing consumers to trade in their obsolete systems to buy more energy efficient new models. This will help offset the amount of waste in our landfills and we can donate the systems to third world countries and to those who have lost systems in recent earthquakes. Read more

Comment It's Wine, people. (Score 1) 110

I just installed the 64-bit deb on my Ubuntu machine and launch it just to see that it's just a Wine application.

It also brings integration into KDE and Gnome

My ass. It's just the Windows version compiled with winelib and on my Ubuntu desktop it is really looking ugly. And I mean more than usual for a wine application. It's all "Windows 2000" greyish.

Look for yourself http://twitpic.com/1b8ds2.

Not free, not native and really ugly. Don't bother with it.

Comment Yeah, right... but WHY?!? (Score 2, Insightful) 406

I mean reinventing the wheel, well why not, this one is old and let say we have done all we could with HTTP...

But why, WHY should you call that with a stupid name like SPDY?!? It's not even an acronym (of is it?).

It sound bad, it's years (decade?) before it is well supported... but why not. Wake me when it's done ready for production.

I guess they start to get bored at Google if they are trying not rewrite HTTP.

Comment Now here's your problem... (Score 1) 344

Furthermore, in some cases it is not possible to know if the registry values (or the hosts file) were modified by the malware or by the user itself (or third-party utilities used by the user).

I don't know what they mean, my /etc/hosts files are only modifiable by "root". :)

Joke aside, what would you expect from a system where configuration files are not protected.

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