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Comment Re:Just wait (Score 1) 357

Wait until the "game of the year" or "platinum edition" or "gold edition" or "diamond edition" or "complete edition" goes on sale for $10 and you'll have ALL the DLC on day 1. On top of that, most of the compatibility and quest bugs will have been squashed.

Problem solved.

That's what I usually do but I can see why this doesn't always work

  • For multilayer games you can be late to the party if you wait that long and the base has moved to something else. People prefer to play with their friends.
  • Interesting parts of the story or twists are spoiled for you while you're waiting, "so S**** doesn't exist? really!"
  • People want to be part of a culture by experiencing while others do so they are not left out in conversations

Still I think that most likely for most people, the anticipation and hype can be too much to wait and get a bargain.

Comment Re:Hopefully it's an outlier (Score 1) 422

In 1936, according to the article, it was almost as warm. Basically, a "so what?". Between then and now, States have had record cold temperatures as well. This report would be just one more Jeopardy! item, were it not for the political hay that will be made of it.

yeah, and that's without even considering inflation!!

Comment Re:from the who's-to-blame dept. (Score 3, Informative) 167

"The Iranians are Shia Muslims, the Saudis are Sunnis, the two hate each other with the passion you often find in long running sectarian conflicts."

That statement is a bit misleading. The hatred and conflict is not because of Sunni Vs Shia, but rather Wahabi/Salafy Vs Shia where Wahabi sect is considered a subset of Sunnie Islam. The distinction is important because even though there is unease between Sunnie and Shias in general, but it's not at the level of hatred with passion.

Just thought to point that out

Comment Re:Uninformed Rant, or Sony Apologist? (Score 1) 185

"You can get "Steam rips" all day long on P2P so frankly Steam and GOG (who doesn't have any activation at all) are the only two I really trust. "

In my experience, the games bought from Impulse are good as well. I have two games from them, and in both cases I was able to copy the games to my newer PC and the laptop without installing or even having the Impulse client. I'm not sure how their DRM works, but it seems to be lighter than steam. They generally don't have as many games in their library or as good a deals as steam though.


Submission + - The Supercomputer Speed Race, & Why It Should (

jyosim writes: "With big money and competitiveness at stake, smarter—not faster—supercomputer designs may be winners. The villain: the Top500 Supercomputer list, the most popular measure of a computer's worth. Experts say that with today's more complex machines, it's no longer measuring the right thing, and it could lead to dead-end designs. Or is that sour grapes, now that China is winning the Top500 speed race for the first time ever."

Comment Re:And They'll fail (Score 1) 109

2-3 years ago steam was charging the same US price in Australia which made it about half price. Now my guess is that the some publishers have closed that loop hole so we get a price much closer to the brick shops in Australia than used too. Australian Dollar is roughly has the same value as the US one at the moment.

For example I just looked up steam

Games ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, steam ,,,,, EB games

Shogun total war,, AU$ 89 ,,, AU$ 98

Dragon Age 2,,,,,, AU$ 69 ,,, AU$ 88

AC Brotherhood,,, AU$ 49 ,,, AU$ 88

The same can't be said about impulse. That said, impulse has those huge discounts that more than makes up for the added cost. The majority of my games are from steam.

The DRM is lighter on impulse as well based on my experience. I have two games from them and I run them even without having the impulse client.

The problem with impulse is that their game collection is no where as extensive as steams and many of the more recognized games or bundles are not offered in Australia. There were many time that I wanted to buy a game bet when I went to the page it gave me a message about the game not being available in my region. Never had that experience in Steam.

Comment Re:Just Cause 1 for PC was a crappy port (Score 1) 118

The auto aim is there and I don't think it can be disabled.

Fast transportation is a major plus in JC2 ans is not an issue. It's much faster than any GTA. You can instantly teleport! to any location you have visited in the past as long as you are not in a mission or being chased. Additionally, there are choppers and fast planes that can get you anywhere you want. So for example if I want to go to a new place which is far away, I teleport! to an airport, steal a plane and I pilot it to the new location. as I pass through cities, towns and other POIs by the plane, they register as visited, so I can instantly move there in the future. In addition to that, the hook provide a way to fast move around, vertically and horizontally and it makes it easy to hijack cars/choppers as the need arises.

I think the gameplay has a lot that is done better than GTA 4, specially the free movement and transportation. It's not as polished and does not the same level of high production values though. GTA4's battles are less chaotic but the JC2 is less frustrating and has a faster arcade feel to it. I have not played the multiplayer and apart from that I would consider these two on the same level based on single player only experience.

I've started playing Red faction Guerrilla and the concept has a lot of similarity with JC2 and this far JC2 seems generally superior. But then I have only a few hours in RFG.

I've played Red dead on my brother's PS3 for a few hours (on lowest difficulty I think). It felt fresh and interesting

Comment Re:Just Cause 1 for PC was a crappy port (Score 1) 118

Well, I have not played just cause, but I played GTA 3s and GTA4 with both expansions on PC. Just last week I beat the campaign in Just Cause2. it is a truly worthy game where the grappling hook put to good use.

I enjoyed last GTA3 (was it san andreas?) more than the 4th one. The expansions improved the situation though. Just cause 2 doesn't have the production values of a GTA game, but it's light hearted and arcade like approach is fun. There are quite a few things I hope the improve and add for the sequel. Stuff as simple as what you mentioned about the auto aim issue on PC or adding some thing akin to coop or multiplayer.

Overall the second iteration was fun, robust and worthy sand box game with variety of missions as long as you are not looking for great story and characters.

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