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Comment Re:Lawsuit? (Score 1) 583

Has anyone sued a manufacturer for false advertising and/or fraud, because they advertise that the computers come with Windows, when in fact they're hobbled by coming with (Windows + Crapware)?

No. Because that's about as absurd as suing McDonalds for not explicitly stating that their coffee is hot.

Oh, wait... /faithInHumanity

Comment Re:The road to hell is paved with what now? (Score 1) 1721

POTUS's power consists mostly of making people feel warm and fuzzy inside, and making the final (but not TOO final, don't want to upset the voters) decision on military matters. Also he can ask Congress to please do what he wants.
Solutions to these problems still have to exist before the problems can be solved. I know it sounds elementary, but just because someone is in a pseudo-powerful position doesn't mean they can fix such large and complicated problems.

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