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Comment Ditch them (Score 1) 267

Pay phones are a waste of space. How about making cell service a emergency service, and protect it from floods, earthquakes, fires... etc. Also, create emergency charging stations in public facilities for people to charge their phones if the outage is prolonged. Communications are a huge thing to have in a disaster. A pay phone is not going to help you if you are disabled and stuck on the 10th floor in an apartment building. People used payphones because the cellular network failed.

Comment Re:First (Score 4, Insightful) 477

But Einstein was not a fanatic trying to force his believes on others. Religion is fine if kept polite. The bible states 'neither cast ye your pearls before swine'. Dont waste your time on those not willing to listen. Freedom of religion is fine, freedom of speech is great. You dont walk into the center of the opposing opinion and start shoving your ideas down their throats and expect open arms and high fives. Bible thumpers can be a bit nuts, but atheists can be equally nuts. JPL justly fired a nut.

Comment If this was a resturant.... (Score 0) 382

If she was entering a restaurant, and someone followed her in, making a big scene to do with her, she does nothing about it, what would you expect the owners to do next time they see her headed their way? Kickstarter is a business, not a charity. 10 years of a digital stalker and she has done nothing about it? It is harassment, she needs to either approach the police, or even collect evidence and sue the stalker. Playing a helpless victim while doing nothing to change the situation is simply an attention grab.

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