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Comment unofficials say: Those who throw the first stone . (Score 1) 292

will be hit by the second stone

Some may call it a war, but I call it retaliation, for what ? .. Stuxnet, Flame, ..

Btw. there is an easy way how to prevent war .. well it includes NOT throwing the first stone .. and NOT presenting the first stone and playing a around and faking to through ..

Well it's like what israel does - not throwing the first stone not playing with one around - with it's nukes, they have them, everybody knows off, but they do not present them and they do not say that they have them.

Comment We have a disbeliever who beliefs in a disbelive ? (Score 1) 468

Stop believing, start judging facts,

and the best thing:
ASK people who work for insurance companies, then they will tell you a story about their one century spawning statistics and how close many predictions match our climate situation of today. And why they predict that the climate change is real and well 90% is man made, and well some is cow made.

Comment Re:Windows 8 has a simple problem (Score 1) 913

When I'm using my win xp box I can relax my mind, my eyes, I calm down.

I actually want to disagree that windows 7 is a sufficient progress over WinXP(fully updated) I got back running xp32 on my revo3600(64bit ready atom1.6ghz,2gb,320gb), it's fully encrypted:

And well what can I tell, boot times even with encryption not like win7(with faster hdd), and jbidwatcher(java/browser plugins all off) runs smoothly
I use this machine to do important work on, like personal administration(banking, paypal, ebay, shopping) using opera it all runs well,

to say the least when I use my XP-box and turn back to my corei7-Q720/8gb/1tb elitebook workstation laptop, I can only say the games+3dapps have more power, but having deactivated all fancy graphics and so on it looses to xp.

(winxp == config: looks like win2k)
WindowsXP seems to be cleaner, quicker to respond

Comment Murder suspect (Score 1) 275

Even that one can think that the Belize authorities are corrupt, but a man (his neighbour) was killed and John Mcafee is/was the main suspect
but everything that slashdot publishes are the desperados-like yet successful attempts of John Mcafee to prevent from being captured and to stand trail.

And why does he publishes these details now, if he is innocent and this is all a conspiracy against him, he could have used these spying capabilities to bust the scam and reveal the real killers with live audio.

When he has such proof of such a conspiracy, he should compile it into a report and release it to the public leaving away his personality issues.
Just clear facts.

Comment I love my netbook (compaq hp mini 311) (Score 2) 336

32-bit (castrated) intel atom (N270?)
nvidia ion1-LE (castrated) till I gave it back it's testicles (nvidia ion LE vs. full fledged ION just a configuration issue, bios updated ) now my video playbacl is hardware accelerated
1gb ram
32-bit win7
very good keyboard could compete against Thinkpads!

it's small I take it everywhere I go, and it's fast to boot and so on...
sad that some people don't understand the term NETBOOK

Comment Disruptive Behaviour and Segmentation (Score 1) 279


even those guys from uce-list have honorable goals I think their way of trying of achiving a spam free internet it will hurt the ecosystem of the internet itself.

And especially one aspect "freedom". I distaste spam as many like you being nagged by "Luke" or "Mr. Motumba" with their ideas of marketing, I thought that blacklisting might be a good way to prevent spam, but lately being affected by yahoo & aol filtering out emails sent to people that I know in person(arround 12 per month to the same person), the emails aren't marked as spam, they just don't reach their destined recipient, they just vanish.

Also the behaviour of putting internal communication into public and stating that german law does not apply to them because they are not operating from germany is wrong and is a lie. On their page they state that "bavarian people" make up these lists. Those guys are behaving like outlaws, like those spammers they fight.

But I don't get it like many others here in /. why not using fingerprinting of those messages and statistical methods to identify spam.

Comment Charmingly Simple ? (Score 1) 310


just my 222 cents,

Windows NT 5.1 (or WindowsXP like most of you like to call it) has except the Luna theme many good traits from windows NT 5 (2000) which from the point of Windows XP was and is also excessivly used.

For WindowsXP it was easy to kill Windows2000 later because the people found out the ways to make it look like windows2000 and btw. they found the windowsXP "gold key" that gave them till 2-3 years ago to use the update service without installing virus infrested 40 day crack resetting tools. Well Microsoft closed that golden oportunity for a reason, to make it easier to kill windowsXP. Also the release of ServicePack 1 and later ServicePack 2 fixed many serious issues.

With Windows2000 having reached Service Pack incarnation 4 and Windows XP having reached Service Pack incarnation 3 (we should just count 1 or 2 up, because when updating from SP3 it's around 300-500 mb that equals to 2 ServicePacks)

You can now tell how hard it was for Windows 7 to battle the persitence of WindowsXP.
Windows7 gained acceptance just shortly in the corporate world, that will make Windows8 perhaps the new Windows Vista

Microsoft should go back to it's roots (Windows2k/XP)
And Linux/GUI devellopers and LibreOffice Devellopers should not jump the ribbon,
Windows2000/XP(w/o Luna) and Office 2k/XP/2k3 had from MPOV the neatest look and best working experience, except for Excel we can't have more than 16-bit rows data .. sorry Stuck in the 16-bit World.

Comment Re:Daily reports (Score 1) 468

Is actually a very bad idea because you can tweak a report and this will only put more pressure on your overachievers, weekly reports and no other reporting sideways, this keeps the bureaucracy in a good balance.

Mostly when your team members aren't achieving the intended amount of work then you need to find out why. And you should stop idiotic things like cake day or company message day, because in the eyes of the overachievers they will most likely feel goofed around and the underachievers will accept this and eat the cake.

Cake day is good but don't mix up your intentions.

The chance, find out what makes an overachiever so determined for their work
- perfectionism
- company binding

Find the difference between under and over doers, and then you will be able to boost all, but don't think your underachievers will reach top levels most likely not.

Btw. the main problem,
- responsibility (task is given with less explantion no liberty of thougt, you got to do what you got to do!)
- praising falls short

btw. sometimes your under achievers if they change their job within the company they can turn 180 !

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