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Comment Re:Daily reports (Score 1) 468

Is actually a very bad idea because you can tweak a report and this will only put more pressure on your overachievers, weekly reports and no other reporting sideways, this keeps the bureaucracy in a good balance.

Mostly when your team members aren't achieving the intended amount of work then you need to find out why. And you should stop idiotic things like cake day or company message day, because in the eyes of the overachievers they will most likely feel goofed around and the underachievers will accept this and eat the cake.

Cake day is good but don't mix up your intentions.

The chance, find out what makes an overachiever so determined for their work
- perfectionism
- company binding

Find the difference between under and over doers, and then you will be able to boost all, but don't think your underachievers will reach top levels most likely not.

Btw. the main problem,
- responsibility (task is given with less explantion no liberty of thougt, you got to do what you got to do!)
- praising falls short

btw. sometimes your under achievers if they change their job within the company they can turn 180 !

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 1774

But for that you need to understand how things really work, and if you actually observe something that because of your believe should not happen,
how can you improve that ? (well, hope you're not getting into biomed or ..)

And Bill uses the term engineer as in an M.of engineering science and in science and in engineering when you do understand how something worked, you can improve things by thinking and scientific invention(prediction) and not just tinkering around and being a lucky one. This is what high tech & science is today.

And if an engineer/scientist is not able to adapt his way of thinking because his observation and his analysis tells him a whole different story than his believes, he simply is no good engineer/scientist at all. Look at Max Planck(Quantum Theory), he nearly got mad because he observed something what seens to disprove his believes, but he accepted it and overrulled his believes (and that of many others, and without this (r)evolution we might have waited much longer for many inventions based on quantum theory (semiconductors for example)

In university I knew a guy, evangelical anti-evolution jesus freak, and well he opted into bio science, and guess what, one day he posted on his that-time-favoured-social-web-plattform, that he could not disprove evolution, because of what he observed.

Comment Re:Germany ! - Welcome to Germany (Score 1) 999

Finding a job in germany, it's difficulty level: "medium" ;)
- German employers demand a high level of self-reliance (look at a problem and find a solution by yourself without additional help)
- The other thing is know your stuff and like what you are doing.
- Having real working experience is also good.
- But you should improve language skills first, because that might be a showstoppers. (please read further to see my hint)

An engineer is like a swiss army knife - has every tool, perhaps not the sharpest or best but gets the job done.

Masters degree automotive & robotics:
I would suggest looking down to the south of germany, like munich for example, they have an automotive focus,
or RWTH Aachen (very hard, very elite) mostly looking Aachen and south of it. The automotive areas are
Stuttgart(Mercedes Benz, Porsche), Ingolstadt(Audi), München(BMW).

btw. Thinking aside from automotive:
University of Stuttgart has Wind Power Engineering courses and Suzlon group is also active in Germany (Hamburg & Rostock)

But even though I would suggest first re-doing your B.eng or germany (I think there is so much difference in academic titles you will be able to do that ), only for first 2 semesters or even more, just to assess the requirements better, because this is the most difficult part for foreigners from china and india to cope with the requirements. Please keep in mind, Bachelor degrees just sound equal, but are not in terms of requirements & their contents.

This approach has also a benefit, you would have gained a degree perhaps quicker because of your previous knowledge, you could devellop your language skill
and you could have earned a german engineering degree, even called the same, but I would say this has a good "ring" in every employers ear.
(this was also confirmed by a guy from india with a german masters degree I recently met)

But also as german employers like self-reliance, you will need that too in a german university, sustianability, creativity and not being shy.

And language skills are important, even you can do your Masters degree 100% in english, but you need a real social network with fellow students to achieve your goal. But a word of caution, you will probably encounter people who don't like indians or *enter country here*, racism is quite international, but those are not the majority. The better you speak the language the less those people will get a grip! Most professors speak a very simple english, but this changes as the medium age of them changes.

Comment Re:Germany ! - Welcome to Germany (Score 1) 999


when I remember correct for people from US, Canada and Israel there are special "lessend" restrictions.

I think the best(easiest) way to find a job here, is to study. Because you have time to get to know german "beurocratic" specialties, also company internships are mostly part of a universitty education, so this is a good way to getting to know the companies. There are many students from vietnam & china, and sometimes they decide to stay here for a while after they received their /b.eng./
(a good amount of courses are only taught in english)

Nearly every university has special internal consultants for foreigners to guide them through the beurocratic jungle.

Just a Job:
1st applying for a "good" (sometimes starting at or even less don't know right now exact 36000â/year) paying job, this will differ as for certain jobs.

European/German job sites like monster, xing, and so on, are good for looking into job offers, just try "" and enter some german words like "Ingenieur Stelle Angebot" is also good!

Then there is a priorization, german & EU workers first, if there are no applicants (equally quallified) than the foreign applicant is good to go.

Then there are "Engpassberufe"
- Medical doctors
- mechanical, electrical, automobile engineers

where getting a job for a foreigner is much easier

But an at least 2 year education is mostly needed.

Even company leading jobs might be excluded from the german & EU first rule! ("FührungskrÃfte")

Members from these countries do not need a visa:
Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Newzeland, USA

others need one even for a job interview

Some sites with information -> set to english
-> entry & residence

sorry for the messed up posting,
I just woke up.

Comment Germany ! - Welcome to Germany (Score 4, Interesting) 999

1.) very reasonable priced health care ! (contributions will be transfered by your employer to the insurance company from your salary)
- the health care insurance company is not allowed to pick, they have to take anybody

2.) good job market

3.) reasonable priced rent

4.) you can mostly get along with speaking english,
but learning german is not that hard,

Example: that iranian young women whose face pic was taken from facebook by western media due to a name glitch, she was prosecuted by the mullahs,
got asylum here and after only one and a half year she is fluent and speaks execelent, she was on radio last week.

If you want to learn german the national public radio (not npr) has a livestream,

you can also find places on the internet where you can watch our exported tv series ("Der Tatort" which translates as "The Crime Scene" or "Derrek" these got even dubbed with japanese language for Japan of course!!)

5.) state forced sponsored pension (will be transfered by your employer as part of your salary) after your 67 birth day these insurance benefits will be paid

6.) disabled persons & families are last to be fired (workers rights)

7.) strong unions

8.) from north to south, funny speaking people

9.) reasonable wages
When you negotiate your salary keep taxes and other things in mind (~%43 will be subtracted from your salary) so just add it beforehand !

10.) IT, Tech & Engineering Jobs

I love my country so I'd like to present my country to people in this world, european, african, asian, indian.

Think of finding a job ?
-> Try Germany!

Comment Re:Consensus = valve will die? (Linux will die!) (Score 0) 316

No, to the contrary: Linux will die !

But will then be reanimated by some caring loving zealots, these zealots will wander out into the world. When they reach the golden city of "Shrandunbar", they will dissolve after a brutal and bloody flame war(really bloody!). Then there will be 2 ways of believe, but beware the devil lurks around the corner. He the rich benefactor will then create a new believe of Hakuna Matata and will try to bring Unity but this will lead to dispare, because of the sect of the cross("X") crucifying everyone of no believe. Then there would be another saviour they are called the Borg, they will virtualize you, interpret you and sell you privacy to the highest bidder, and they will use your unencrypted chit chatter for their cube formed space ships to navigate. This will be called Borgdroid, BorgMaps, Borgleing, and after that we will be assimilated. And Linux will be dead again!

And after this war is over, Metrosexuality will be the norm, you will try to buy a classic desktop but the Metroman accuses you of sexual harrassment, and you will be re-educated.

Comment get a proffesional one from eBay (low priced) (Score 1) 118


there are many proffessional microscopes availible on ebay, and they come at a very reasonable price too,
- USB--Scopes: forget the USB-Trash .. if USB-Scope.price > 30 US$ then don't take it.

You can get laboratory grade equitment there for arround 100 US$, binoculars and microscopes as well.

You are operating it ? -> Try it the other way arround, he will learn more quickly from his OWN mistakes, rather than from yours.

You are just a supervisor(to prevent dead serious injuries of course), adviser and the nurse, the guy with the band aid, when he broke the glass and cut himself, and the one whom later says "told you so". Except, he will remember the pain and will likely not do so again.

Comment Re:Educating one's child is a human right (Score 1) 568

a.) The "Schulpflicht" duty to attend a school (public or private) seems not to be instituted by Hitler *wiki-says-so* ->
dates to "Weimarer Republik" 1919, Hilter claimed his totalitarian power in 1933

b.) hate speech in itself is a violation of human rights, and violations of human rights get prosecuted, and the victims of hate speech are not those who give the speech

c.) Saying "Sodomy is wrong" is no hate speech and for saying so you won't be prosecuted in Germany
Saying "All Sodomists should be killed" instead would likely be hate speech.

d.) "abortion is ok", but only under certain conditions, it is no "hate crime" or "hate speech" because abortion is not killing fetus because they are hated, but because the circumstances of the pregnant women might be to difficult to continue the pregnancy.

e.) So teaching a child the own believe or ideology is not a totalitarian act against the child ?

But nobody in Germany will stop you from teaching your own believes to your children, after school, except if you deny your child the public school education, where no religion is taught - can be replaced by philosophy or free study time, and the evolution theory is not religion it's a scientific theory,
you can still teach your children the opposite at home after school.

Human rights, and the right to get educated are not a one sided view, these rights are born to humans and also put into force even against
parents. And schools do not teach ideology, (in Germany at least) there is a christian(catholic & protestant) religous education in school but it can be replaced by philosophy instead or even replaced by free study time, it doesn't matter if your catholic, protestant, otherbeliever or non-believer you can attend religous education or philosphy. By the age of 14 youths are able to choose their religion of their own choice (in Germany).

Teaching is not promoting ideology, teaching tries to make a human being able to understand itself and ask & discuss the worlds governing questions (From where do we come ? Where do we go ? Who am I ? ) on a logical basis.

Human Rights:
Education is not religion. And yes there is a conflict, but Germany choose the school duty because to achieve
the human right for education as 26-1 precedes 26-3 and so has a higher priority. You can found a private confessional school, as long as you follow the basic guidelines of the educational board.

Courts decided to give social learning a higher priority than the parents right to chose the education of their children (chosing -> not teaching). The parents still have the freedom to bring their children into a confessional christian school, but not schooling them at home, because learning is a social act. And
thus article 26-(1/2/3) of the universal delaration of human rights is satisfied.

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