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Comment Re:You must be new here. (Score 1) 1719

the most n00bish form of data destruction you can imagine, and has probably only been partially successful at best.

This is why I'm here; this is seriously geek news for us privacy/forensic perverts: this will be a rare opportunity given that our nations top resources will be put on recovering this data and the media is going to demand to know every shred that was recovered, we'll actually see this method tested thoroughly.

I also find it interesting that this guy is supposedly a computer guru, and yet few assume he DBANed (or whatever kids do these days) his drives before physically destroying them, just for good measure. Of course he was also clearly crazy, so there is probably no reason or plan behind his data destruction.

Comment Statement will never be retracted (Score 1) 600

I still think the more likely scenario is that nobody but those who are already using them will ever use them

Will you retract this statement if it can be shown that tomorrow bitcoin will have more users than it has today?

No, the statement started as, "The scenario is that"
Then after that was proven false, it became, "The more likely scenario is that"
Then it became, "I think the more likely scenario is that"
Then: "Maybe, but I think the more likely scenario is that"
Finally: "Maybe, but I _still_ think the more likely scenario is that"

Tomorrow: "Probably, but I still cling to the thought that today is the day that the scenario has finally become..."

Comment Re:Think about the damage malware could do. (Score 2) 34

"the robot is simply performing a preset action"
So the story would more likely be: Out of control avatar retrieves soft-drinks for 17 not-thirsty people.

The avatar idea here is pretty cool, but not even the author seems to understand why they don't just cut to eye-tracking, instead of the whole: reading the patients mind to determine what they are looking at. It looks to me to be an easy way to over complicate an already difficult project.

I wonder how disabled you have to be to get one. I mean, what if I just really don't want to walk all the way over to the fridge, could I get one prescribed?

Comment Re:Ah... Yeah... (Score 1) 214

Google, rumored to contain all the knowledge of mankind before the great cataclysm....

And then in a twist ending when they find it, it turns out to contain a bunch of "URL"s about other temples that they now need to go find.

Plenty of sequels anyway.

Comment Re:Because it's weird (Score 1) 117

So why did you post it all over the internet?

Google finds the stuff you didn't post.

If my friends wanted to know more about me, they could read my social networking pages or my websight. If they did so I would be extremely flattered (like the linkedin example in the story).

The issue is that if you google my name, you can with some work pull up lawsuits I've been a party to. Some of my friends have arrest records (printed weekly in our local paper and archived forever online). Of course it's not all negative stuff, but If I didn't tell the world about some volunteer project I did awhile back, then maybe it is not something I'm really interested in doing again. You don't need to know about it to be a better friend.

Anyway, if you come to tell me about the stuff you found out about me from my postings online: I will be delighted you cared enough to look, but if you start a conversation with, "Hey, remember when you got sued? Lets talk about that!" then I will not be happy; you are not being a good friend.

Comment Negative klout? (Score 2) 98

I never signed up for klout, but one time I facebook-statused about an app and a friend that I thought was going to buy it did not. My amazon reviews are usually rated less helpful that

So, now I'm starting to I have negative klout? Maybe people pay us for negative reviews and give us free samples of their competitors products?

Comment Re:Welcome to the Machine (Score 1) 82

So, uh, what jobs are those robots going to do? Work in factories making stuff to sell to... oh, but 90% of humans live in squalor so they have no money

Sounds exactly like the current economy: All industries cutting jobs and lowering salaries to 90% of their employees, to more efficiently sell products to...oh but 90% of the consumers are laid off or cutting their spending.

Things don't have to make sense for the decisions of our cooperate management overlords. Unless they too get replaced by robots...hmm.

Comment Re:Old wisdom (Score 2) 278

It's true, female programmers tend to be ugly and insecure. We had one in our class and she was shy as hell.

Whoops, it looks like the word female accidentally got into your sentence before your description programmers. You might want to fix that before everyone thinks you're being a total misogynist based on one anecdote that could be said to support half of your theory.

Comment Re:Hard decisions? (Score 1) 397

There is no exact formula that can help.

Maybe not in general; you have to adjust coefficients and sometimes add terms for your specific situation, but usually something like:

personal_love_of_novelty * expected_novelty + personal_love_of_money * extra_money + personal_love_of_time * time_saved_on_commute = happyness_with_change

Helps me decide these things.

I'm serious it really helps; it is just a super-geeky pro vs con list. Like the OP, I'm usually not sure why, but you plot it out like this and I usually find one term is much larger than the others, so you expand and tweak it until both your rational thinking and your gut agree on the optimal decision.

Comment Re:VM? (Score 4, Insightful) 183

I work in this space and have never understood the appeal...

We who know what is going on rarely grasp the appeal for things like this. I thought two seconds about most of my semi-computer able friends and realized this could easily take off:

Friend1: OMG, Friend2 your photos are insecure!
Friend2: WTF?
Friend1: Yeah, you didn't digitally protect them! Your just asking for internet baddies to steal all your images, stalkers to download them, and spammers to use you for their advertisements! Securing your photos is more important than anti-virus!
Friend2: OMG! OMG! I'm going to get digital protection right now!

I sure hope this dies before friends 1 and 2 start trying to convince me to secure my photos. I already know what they'll say: "As someone who knows computers you should know better! Your setting a bad example for Friend2." and "Why didn't you warn me how vulnerable my photos were?!" respectively.

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