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Comment Re:Look at it this way (Score 1, Interesting) 503

And even though nobody on this site wants to hear this, that would be the highest earners who paid the most.

But I doubt anyone wants to REALLY see what the tax break down is, and WHO actually paid the most for the space station. That would completely ruin their arguments of how THEIR money was wasted.

I used that link because it references the IRS for its data, and the pdf that they used.

Comment Re:The good news (Score -1, Flamebait) 384

This statement brought to you by someone that feels that the post office will always run at a profit, who was extremely happy on how the recovery effort was run for Hurricane Katrina, and had no complaints about how President Obama's administration performed the clean up from the Gulf spill.

The hypocrisy of Slashdot strikes again.

Comment Re:Hate to say this... (Score 0, Offtopic) 315

I agree with that. Next time someones house burns down because they didn't pay a 75 dollar fee for the service. I don't want to hear jack shit from people that this should be a right. Even if you don't live in the same town/township as the fire department.

Cut welfare. And cut fire fighting/police protection. I'll buy a gun and up my renters/home insurance.

Comment Re:You asked... (Score 0, Redundant) 413

I wrote a perl script that parse's my auth.log. I have a variable I use for a threashold on number of invalid login attempts. You cross that number, you are added to a firewall table and the table is refreshed. You use known service id's in your login attempt, doesn't matter how many tries you have made. You are added to the firewall table and it is refreshed. Sends out an email to me twice a day.

I store invalid attempts in a internal table which is retained for 24 hours. I have found when the attack is spread out over a large number of ip's, that they still rotate through those ip's for further attempts. And again this drive them over the threshold limit.

Is this a perfect solution? Nope, I still have to manually monitor my auth.log. But not as diligently as I use to.

Comment Re:A better PC health idea (Score 0) 413

Of course public key / certificate based authentication is the proper mechanism to use for remote access using SSH, and you need the server's public keys pre-installed on your client as well.

With password authentication turned off, thats about all you need.

But then again, someone lose's their lap top. Their log in credentials very possibly now is known by the wrong people. Unless, the lap top is encrypted(which it should be at all times).

Comment Re:You're kidding, right? (Score 1) 2058

I read that article and did not read where he offered to pay the complete bill for the fire fighting. But, I have 20/200 vision so I can believe I missed that.

I will be honest. I can understand the fire department saying no to the 75 dollar payment offer. But to turn down full payment I find hard to believe.

Thank you for pointing out something I missed.

Comment Re:Bad GUI and no CLI: way too common (Score 1) 617

I don't know. I have seen GUI generated firewall rules(PF). And for a learning process, I think it would a hell of alot easier than how I learned to build the rules. Especially sense these rules are built specifically for what your environment is. And not a text book example.

I still prefer building the firewall rules via a text editor. But my environment is not a large business environment. And I am sure there are better firewall gui's than what I am referencing. Firewall Builder is an easy-to-use GUI for creating and managing firewall rules for multiple platforms including iptables, pf and Cisco routers and Cisco ASA/PIX firewalls.

Comment Re:You Don't say (Score 2, Insightful) 131

My point about most slash dot open source advocates(which I am one) is they will be the first to sick the lawyers on anyone they feel is not respecting the rights of the authors of said software. But they will be the first to disrespect the work of musicians, movie personnel, or game personnel by illegally downloading their content.

Don't you find it hypocritical that this thread like most threads do nothing but trash lawyers. But what profession do they automatically run to when they are pissed off over a specific subject and THEIR reading of the law?

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