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Comment Re:Obvious (Score 2) 636

I think modern technology should be integrated with learning. I don't think of it as a crutch just like an abacus isn't or a calculator isn't. It's a tool that previous generations invented for the betterment of society and we should use them.

Comment Re:The long copyright period . . . (Score 1) 771

You posted what I wanted to post. I'd also add that the studios making sequel after sequel is part of the copyright problem. Since making a brand new idea that isn't derivative of anything is so difficult the studios are left with the option of making derivatives of what they do own. Rights for every property are a tangled mess so even getting something like Alien VS Predator made is a giant hassle. Our culture is tied up and everyone (including corporations) is struggling to innovate with all the bureaucracy.

Comment Re:This is very cool (Score 1) 327

What's the podcast website? I'm heavy into boardgame design. If you don't feel like posting the website here for whatever reason you can reach me at gmail or boardgamegeek with the same name (I'm the only MusedFable as far as I know). Gamers seem to be very willing to put money up for projects; which is probably why Kickstarter can work so well for game makers.

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