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Comment Re:Control Scheme Differences? (Score 1) 452

Isn't the game crippled without a keyboard and mouse? I have similar concerns over the upcoming Final Fantasy 14, which is supposed to be an MMORPG (but how do you communicate with other players if you can't type?).

The same way PS2 users did/do it with FFXI. They plug a USB keyboard into their system because typing with the controller is a pain and very slow. FYI, like FFXI, FFXIV will probably be completely controllable with the keyboard, nobody who plays the game uses a mouse, EVER.

Comment Re:Come on gamers!! (Score 1) 814

Except there are still a lot of games that don't work in Crossover and WINE and there are still a lot of games that suffer horrendous degradation when using Crossover and WINE. If you hate Microsoft products and you can't afford another setup then fine, but if you can afford it, why bother with the headache and chagrin when Crossover and WINE don't cut it. On another note, let's face it, most people who own macs are people who are involved with or just know a lot about technology. What comes with that is a good base of knowledge about the competitors and the good and the bad of each, which inevitably leads to some people who hate Microsoft for mostly valid reasons. These are most of the people who buy macs. Despite their hatred however, most are forced to use PC's either for certain games or other programs that they have to use when working from home or other hobbies that just aren't supported on the mac. That's why most mac owners go out a buy a PC as well.

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