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Comment Looks great. (Score 0) 320

This looks pretty good. I definitely like the hex-spaces instead of squares - it gives more of a natural feel to the borders (although it'll pose a slight problem when converting civ4 maps...). Look forward to playing the actual game...

Comment More life (Score 1) 95

Seeing that image which is a TINY fraction (perhaps too small to even be considered a fraction) of the universe makes me wonder how some people think there can't be any other life in the universe... We just can't communicate with it because of distance/delay concerns.

Comment Re:So let me get this straight... (Score 1) 330

I think that now there is so little (excluding read-only optical media) of the "true" ROM (stuff that can never be rewritten). Now, just about all "ROM" (technically, EEPROM) can be flashed (rewritten) for the purpose of updating (or others...). So now the term "ROM" is synonymous with firmware. So, custom ROM=custom firmware. Or in the case of emulators, ROM is the image required for the emulator to ... emulate.

Comment Re:Wokring Link? (Score 1) 207

No... it seems just about all mirrors (that I checked) are either timing out or give 403 Forbidden messages. I was able to start a download from a direct link (but it got flaky and stopped), and now I can't even start (or find a working torrent).

Comment Re:Penalties (Score 1) 657

There's already a sudo with a GUI (in Linux w/KDE): kdesu I'm not sure about GNOME, but I would think it has something similar Honestly, I hate when M$ tries to patent trivial shit. It's like saying: "I'm going to go patent J-PB-J sandwich, because I used jelly twice!".

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