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Comment Wat? (Score 1) 2

If you're going to submit a story, at least provide more information in your submission than this. It could be written much better than this,

Submission + - Apollo 18 Begs The Question (What If) 1

tetrahedrassface writes: The cinematic release today of Apollo 18 begs the question of what would have become our collective space faring history had the program not been tragically canceled. It is in fact a historical truth that Apollo 18 did fly, as a joint flight between Russia and the United States. Apollo 18 did in fact fly, but not to the moon. However had the Apollo missions continued, where would be now. It is likely that we would have landed on Mars, have a permanent presence on Luna, have mutiple space observatories that were larger, and more powerful. Conceivably the Saturn V rockets could have lofted platforms for fuel depots, and components for a larger space station further out into orbit. The loss of the Saturn V's represents a loss od America's frontier spirit, and from the great technological victory we achieved we now sit moribound in low Earth orbit. Though the movie may be fiction, it still begs the question, what if?

Comment Re:Prefer gamepad (Score 1) 244

I use the Nostromo by Razer/Belkin and am loving it so far. It takes the WASD cluster and a few others like tab, shift, ctrl, caps-lock, and gives them to you in a nice neat package. You also have a D-Pad by your thumb which you could do all kinds of crap with (batarangs and bat-claw in combat for Arkham Asylum, skill usage in Monday Night combat, switching weapons in TF2), not to mention macros (flamethrower + axtinguisher in TF2 come to mind). It's like a keyboard without the keyboard.

Comment Re:FOV Adjustment (Score 1) 244

Actually, Portal 2 is one of the good ones. Valve in general has been good to us. That "constant loading" you are talking about has been there since Half Life 2, unless your forgot (or never played any earlier Source Engine games, in which case I pity you.)

Comment Re:This was America before "free trade". (Score 1) 138

And I thought I was a conspiracy theorist. There are plenty of ways to get out of the garage, you just have to know where to look. For example, as much of a gold-rush as it is, how many have made "that one great app" for mobile phones and struck it rich? Use those funds to work with the system and then work to change it.

Comment Re:This was America before "free trade". (Score 1) 138

Blatant sarcasm aside, most of us have little time to do these sorts of things anymore. I myself can't seem to gather up the enthusiasm (or disposable income) to do anything. I would really like to break out that bin of scrap I saved from a few months back and make myself a robot minion. It would be a great challenge for my programming skills. But sadly, college classes and the regular college chaos prevent me from doing so. Maybe once I graduate.

Comment BODY HEAT! (Score 1) 103

I am simply stunned that nobody has mentioned body heat. Think about it, all you would need to do to charge your cell-phone is put it in your pocket! Spelunking? Attach a patch to your arm and your light lasts even if you (idiotically) run out of batteries. The applications for this tech are endless, and quite frankly, the article criminally neglects this fact.

Submission + - One other HUGE problem with global warming issue (ning.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: The idea of man-caused global warming is unraveling before our very eyes, and the mainstream media still fails to ask tough questions about any red flags seen in it. The entire issue is a case study for journalistic malfeasance.

Consider this: skeptic climate scientists are accused of being in a conspiracy to "reposition global warming as theory rather than fact", which supposedly mimics the old tobacco industry conspiracy to downplay the health hazards of smoking. In my June 15th RedState article Forget the Science; Is Al Gore's Accusation of Skeptic Climate Scientists a Hoax?, I showed how that "reposition global warming" accusation phrase — spelled out full screen in Al Gore's movie — is 1) based on a 1991 coal industry memo no one was allowed to see, 2) it is an out-of-context sentence, promoted by a person who was not a Pulitzer winner despite accolades to the contrary, 3) Al Gore credited that person with finding the memo, and, 4) Gore had the memo collection in his own possession at his Senate office years before that person.

On June 22, Gore mysteriously contradicted himself again in his big Rolling Stone magazine article about who found the memo, and it also turns out his article's criticism of the media is nothing more than the same 15-year old ruse which was first promoted by the "Pulitzer winner" I mention above. Please see: Pt II: Is Gore's Accusation of Skeptic Climate Scientists Still a Hoax?.

Al Gore and all of his followers refuse to debate skeptic scientists. If they can't prove such skeptics are corrupt now, they have no other way to keep the so-called global warming crisis alive except to prove those skeptics are wrong. Does anybody now wonder why so much effort has been put into silencing criticism of the issue for twenty years?

Ignore the 'anonymous' label above. I am Russell Cook, and I approve this message. The above links and my other online articles & blogs about the smear of skeptic scientists are found at the 'Original Source' link just below.

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