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Comment Re:"None" is better than inconsistent? (Score 4, Insightful) 657

I'd rather not have the option myself. Having Flash available is a disincentive to creating a better HTML5 experience suitable for mobile devices. With Flash available, mobile site developers can just create their sites and call it a day, regardless of how poor the experience is.

Not having the fallback means that you have no alternative but to create suitable code in order to reach mobile users. Since Flash for whatever reason already encourages lazy development, it would be better that the option didn't exist at all.

Jobs' obstinance, coupled with iOS marketshare will lead to a better mobile browsing experience for all of us, at least that's my take.

Comment Re:Bad Form Factor (Score 1) 167

...If you need performance, but still want your app to work on a variety of phones, you need to do more legwork.

Apple doesn't actually have a solution to this problem, they're just protected because they only make a handful of devices.

Limiting themselves to just a handful of devices IS their solution, along with abstracting away the minor hardware differences behind robust API calls.

Comment Re:Got it (Score 1) 381

Well, if you buy into the notion that bits cost money, why shouldn't that family pay more? They pay for the increased electrical consumption of multiple people, why not the increased data consumption?

Because, unlike electricity, bits aren't scarce. We can make more.

Comment Re:You signed away this "right" by picking Apple. (Score 1) 850

I want what the iPhone should have been, and what Android still has a chance of becoming. That is not going to happen if all of us just sit down, shut up, and let Apple take all the marketshare. There absolutely is a PR battle to be fought over this, and I am going to continue to warn people away from walled gardens as long as they will listen, until the only people left in those gardens are their creators.

You need to get over yourself and realize that computing is bigger than just the desires of developers and geeks. What most of those who rail against walled gardens studiously avoid addressing is the simple fact that Apples succeeds by addressing the needs of people who are neglected by traditional computing. To wit:

My 60 yo mother doesn't want what "the iPhone should have been, and what Android still has a chance of being."

She wants to read a book and surf the web. She doesn't want to have to decide whether the Droid version of FBReader will run on her tablet, or wonder why the x86 version of her favourite PopCap game won't run on her ARM tablet either.

She's no fool, but good luck trying to convince her that she's better off in a situation where she needs to know what an ISA is or why it's important, or any of the other things happening in the largely uncontrolled Android market.

Most important, and more to the point: My mother will never research to find out that her program won't run in the background because Adobe hasn't gotten around to updating it's development tools to leverage the new iPhone APIs yet. All she knows is that the shit Apple sold her doesn't work.

Apple will continue to succeed as long as they prioritize the user experience, even if it's to the detriment of developers. There are a lot of non-technical users out there and they have money to spend.

Comment Re:My Thoughts (Score 4, Insightful) 282

You are confusing Flash lite, a limited subset of Flash with "Full Flash" in Adobe parlance, which is coming with 10.1. No shipping smartphone save the Nokia N900 ships with a full featured Flash runtime.

The Maemo plugin is a sluggish performer from what I've heard too. Adobe really needs to hit the Flash 10.1 for Android release out of the park, or risk validating all of Jobs' criticisms.

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