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Comment Why do they always act surprised? (Score 1) 223

When the article opened up with:

The more one probes the universe at smaller and smaller scales, the weirder matter and energy seem to behave

... I thought "patterns" (like in the Powers of 10 display at the science museum). I don't see why "they" are so surprised that the deeper you probe, the weirder it gets. It's natural - universal even!
I tried it on my bus driver this morning. Had a pleasant conversation, asked lots of questions ... and I'll be taking the bus after that from now on.

Comment Please - this is SERIOUS (Score 1) 158

I mean, my GOD! Is this the best "scientists" can come up with? Is there no LONG TERM thinking anymore?
The effect of prolongued space travel (e.g., Mars and back) and the use of this new space suite will be that astronaughts WILL keep more of their bone mass HOWEVER, the Karenni people have taught us that clothing that pulls your shoulders down has a drastic side effect - long necks ...

Oh wait ... that's why the aliens in Close Encounter look that way. Never mind - press on.

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