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Comment Civilization (Score 1) 418

Try civilization (IV is prob better than V and you can buy that by 10€), or some another turn-based strategy game. Other game witch addicted me is minecraft. I would encourage you to give a try for either one of them or both.

Comment Re:Choice (Score 1) 178

Maybe i need to clarify. I know google is best search engine out there but i hope that there would rise new competitor even equal to google. And by abusing power i meant, i don't know if google is giving results over others that suit's its financial or political goals. Either way google has way too mutch power in internet.

Comment Choice (Score 1) 178

Google might be abusing it's power but what we really do need is real choice.

We have basically bing and google and every other search site have licenced their engines.

I personally am not really happy about bing and there seems to be no true alternative for google. I welcome more competition into search engine market.

Comment Gpl violation (Score 1) 493

Microsoft has had open source code earlier also. But it's been licenced with bsd kind of licence. The problem is that if there are gpl-licenced code taken (doesn't need permission of project owners) microsoft has to give all changes they made to public. Gpl can also touch so depends what they've done with/to that they might also need to distribute more code of theirs. There is also organisation who's trying to track down and sue corporations violating OS licences (can't remember name), maybe they get some job to do.

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