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Comment Re:Less protection for free speech? (Score 1) 383

I'm starting to see a slippery slope of citizen's rights being ignored in Canada. Look at the number of peaceful protesters at the G20 meeting in Toronto this summer that were arrested without cause.

Some were held for a day without being told why. All the police had to do is walk up to them and ask for ID. By law if you are walking in a public place you don't need to produce identification, but for some strange reason the week of the G20 meeting in downtown Toronto you did. If not, off you went to a holding area with no further explanation.

There are at least two class action lawsuits underway against the police and various levels of government over the treatment.

Comment Here is a link to the original article... (Score 1) 542

And as another poster mentioned, Current Science Online isn't peer reviewed, it's meant as a means of communication and is fairly open.

I like the conclusion of the article: "We are fortunate that the warning bells have been sounded and it is for us to timely plan strategies to save not only the bees but life from the ill effects of such EMR."

They are taking those Nokia GSM cellphones seriously! Set those phasers to stun...

Comment Re:Not to sound like a tinfoil hat... (Score 3, Interesting) 67

What I have a hard time understanding is how NASA (the Americans) made it look so easy to complete six manned moon landings in a 3 year period 40 years ago, but nobody (neither NASA or any other country) has been able to do it since. By easy I mean banging them out every few months without incident/deaths.

You can't tell me during the high flying economic times, when people were going to go into orbit with their dog just for fun, that countries like Russia or China haven't wanted to be known as the second country to make it to the moon, or the first country to land three people on the surface of the moon during a mission, etc.

It's like 1972 happened and then every country on earth forgot that the moon existed, with respect to manned lunar missions.

I'm not saying it's easy, or cheap, but if NASA could do it 41 years ago why hasn't anybody stepped up to the plate?

Comment Apple is scared to lose their development platform (Score 1) 515

Another reason Apple is so dead-set against using Adobe Flash on their iPhone/iPads is because they would lose their exclusive development platform of XCode on their custom Mac hardware. And if Apple is anything, they are a hardware company.

Basically what they are saying (after they changed their licensing agreement for iPhone/iPad developers) is that if you want to write software for us you will type in code in XCode and compile it using that compiler and submit it to us for approval.

If they allowed native compiled code from other software developers, then anybody with Adobe's latest CS5 Flash (even on Windows!) could create native iPhone binaries using the well-known Flash dev environment. And porting Flash games over would take work, but not nearly as much as buying a Mac and re-writing everything in Objective-C.

And all those annoying Flash banner ads! I'm glad they're gone... I mean being replaced by Apple iAd so they can control the entire advertising "experience" for your online devices. iAds is coming soon to iPhone OS 4.

Comment Already been done in Canada (Score 2, Informative) 414

This was already implemented in Canada five years ago. Apple collected the money but when the Federal government overturned the ruling the money was given back to the consumer (or the Red Cross if the consumer didn't know about the refund program). The government decided it didn't make sense to collect money since you could fill the iPod with legally obtained music.

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