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Comment Re:Oh goody (Score 1) 790

Wait, wait, let me get this straight: you're complaining that the big ISPs got billions of dollars because of previous government intervention, so the solution to that is MORE government intervention?

State-enforced "net neutrality" will NOT harm the big ISPs, even though Comcast is one of them. What it would mean is that new bureaucratic rules and regulations would restrict new entrants into the market. No one can understand government rules in any industry, except for the big players who have the money and lobbying power to reach up to the requirements.

Net neutrality can be enforced through more competition, which can only come through LESS regulations, not more.

Comment Re:Sure, the web browsing may be snappy... (Score 2, Interesting) 220

I have 3 Android devices and all of them do a fairly good job of rendering websites for "Mobile" display. In fact, I am currently working on porting my Wordpress sites to a mobile friendly auto-switching theme bases on visits from mobile devices.

Just because it's laptop shaped doesn't mean it will display websites like a full PC would. It'll display mobile versions, which are still perfect for that resolution.

I just want Cyanogen to make a mod for this sucker.

Comment Invalidated article (Score 1) 346

The minute someone puts Ben Bernanke on a "Person of the _____" list as a choice, the list is invalidated. Bernanke, like Greenspan, created policy that causes recessions and depressions and then makes them worse.

I can't understand why people continue to give any credibility to these deadpulp periodicals and their online offspring.

Comment Blame it on the ad desk. (Score 1) 192

I've worked pretty hard to pull away from the mainstream dead-pulp press sites unless they offer a variety of features I think are necessary:

1. No login, but if I do voluntarily create an account, I should get some advantages (targeted ads would be nice, like Facebook where I can vote on ads)
2. Comments. If the deadpulpsters don't want my input, I don't want theirs.
3. Reasonable variety of facts over what the AP and other wires vomit. Originality counts, even if I disagree with it.

Yet there's another short-rule I follow: if they're going to put up ads that make no sense, I will generally back off of their site. I don't use adblock because I am WILLING to visit advertisers of the blogs and news-sites I read, if the ads are relevant. But if it's "Rachel Ray lost 40 lbs using this diet" or "Find out more about acai" or "Quit smoking today with a vaporizer" then I'm pretty much done with that site.

The ad desks need to accept LESS money from advertisers in exchange for ads that are actually relevant. Why can't these companies offer real-time advertising on a per-article basis? That way, Mike Flower Shop can advertise on the poinsettia article, and Subaru can advertise on the article about Saab going under.

It isn't Google who is killing these papers, it is their lack of advertisers who actually matter to the readers. Heck, I have no problem giving away my information when I register (voluntarily) for an account. My age, my sex, my income, my general location -- that way, advertisers can target me at those sites, and maybe I'll even buy.

For what it's worth, I advertise for some of my businesses on Facebook. I pick the keywords, the sex, the age and more, and my ad conversion rate is pretty high (I pay about $4 per new buying customer, on average). It costs me $100 to get a new client through other means (direct mail, even referrals that require me to spend time winning the new customer). Facebook has it right, even if a lot of their ads are shady (I can dislike them, thumbs down). It's time for the deadpulp media to do the same thing, or even turn their advertising over to another venture who will shut down the diet, anti-smoking and cleaner skin spammers.

Comment Makes sense (Score 1) 95

Yelp gets amazing ranking on all of the search engines, and it also has a huge user base of people who are happy to offer reviews for free. Google wants both of these: high page rank that can drive advertising income, and users who are dumb enough to post reviews for free.

A Yelp killer would give the top moderated reviewers a piece of the pie.

Comment Re:I can guarantee you (Score 2, Insightful) 419

If the content is fantastic, there will be large scale contributors.

http://mises.org/ has no advertising that I've noticed. They have some million-dollar contributors.

I have a newsletter site that is free, with no ads, and I have some contributors that offer me a few hundred a year. I don't even openly ask for it (there's a link to contributing that just says "Contribute."). If the content is good, the money will still come in.

Emulation (Games)

Nintendo Upset Over Nokia Game Emulation Video 189

An anonymous reader writes "Nintendo is investigating potential copyright infringement by Nokia during some video demos of their N900 phone, which can be seen emulating Nintendo games. Nintendo spokesman Robert Saunders says: 'We take rigorous steps to protect our IP and our legal team will examine this to determine if any infringement has taken place.' In the video, Nokia says, 'Most publishers allow individual title usage, provided that the user is in possession of the original title.'"

Comment Re:Stimulus Plans (Re:Hope/Change?) (Score 2, Insightful) 670

Umm, we pretty much are at 20% unemployment:


17.5%. And getting closer every day. The stimulus spending is stealing future wealth to produce fake wealth today. It's stealing real savings today (which creates real wealth and investment) to produce fake wealth tomorrow.

Comment And here again is a door open to geeks unemployed (Score 4, Funny) 112

...sort of off-topic, but something I mention to my geek friends out of work: the black market of crime has endless jobs available for you.

Go into any barbershop in a shadier part of town and while you're getting a fantastic $12 haircut, mention to the oldest barber that you are working on security consulting to help people avoid getting into trouble with the law, especially in regards to keeping phone calls and information private.

At $150 a pop to "consult" with a man in a nice suit, you can easily remind him that his phone and laptop aren't secure, even offer him advice on what he can do and what he can buy to keep his tracks concealed better.

In reality, though, wiretaps aren't as important as having a good crew under you. A large percentage of black market consultants find themselves in jail because of the stool pigeon, not because of the wiretap information.

Comment Re:Let's take Beck out of the equation (Score 1) 1172

Citations are here:


She's a shill, just like Beck is. No difference here, other than he likes to incite his listeners, and Maddow likes to make them think they're smart by pretending to be logical.

Comment Google != Android (Score 3, Insightful) 74

Just a reminder: Google and Android are not affiliated in any way any longer except that Google is a member of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA).

Google bought Android the company, developed Android the OS, then spun it off under control of the OHA, in which they are one participating member.

When a phone company develops hardware using Android, the operating system is open source/freely available. They can customize it. But if they want to bundle applications on it, say Google Maps, they have to license those apps from Google. Android is not Google, Google is not Android.

For what it's worth, I run a G1 with Cyanogen's latest mod. I have no Google apps that I care about anymore.

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