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Comment Re:Laws of reality (Score 1) 116

The article stated:

"One iPhone app, Pumpkin Maker (a pumpkin-carving game), transmits location to an ad network without asking permission."

That is flat out impossible. I am an iPhone developer; there is no way for an application to obtain user location without the user being prompted if that is OK.

It makes the rest of the conclusions very suspect to me. Just how would an app get age and gender? Again I cannot think of a way that is even possible on an iPhone without being asked; no-where on my iPhone is my birthday or age stored.

On my Android for example you can cross link contacts from different sources. Facebook for example. On Facebook you could store your birthday and gender. I am not a developer, but I see some possibilities here perhaps... Any comments?

Comment Re:I don't think it matters to 99.999% of people (Score 1) 664

If many people use the iPhone you can control lots of users. In this way the company sets the standard of what kind of opinions you are allowed to have. Example: If you owned a TV, and the supplier restricted the possible content so that you couldn't watch some political shows, or perhaps porn, do you think that there would be an outrage? I think so, EVEN if people could go ahead and buy from another supplier. A producer of a technical gadget should NEVER restrict the content, as long as the content don't destroy the system/gadget. We are so totally crazy about controlling everything and making people "safe" (for Petes sake, lock everybody up in a bunker - that will keep them safe from the world). It will misfire big some time. This is only the beginning.

Comment Re:Sounds more like (Score 1) 370

About 90% of people in the world *are* stupid.

How do you define stupid? In my opinion there are millions of VERY intelligent people out there, exceeding in mathematics, physics, biochemistry and all other sciences... ...but yet seems to doesn't grasp the fact that following the primitive ego instincts such as aggression, fear, violence, hatred and so on... is not very intelligent... The mind is a powerful ally, but a destructive master. Using the heart as the master evens up the balance. But that's only my humble opinion.

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