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Comment Open sourced plain text? WTF?! (Score 1) 119

"I am hereby open sourcing this privacy policy."

How can anyone "open source" plain text? There is no source and no compiled result. There is nothing you can "close", so it can be "opened" neither.

BTW Why people always say about "open sourcing" and not "opening source"? It really confuses me as non-native English speaker.

Comment Men are more aware of reality? (Score 2) 122

Does it mean men are more aware of reality?
We don't play farm or walk your dog games, because we know that we can just do all this things in the real life. Having virtual farm is pointless if you can have a real one. And more important - what fun is doing chores?!
Fighting the aliens is something completely different. Video games are the only way to do this. And it's real fun :)

Comment Stick money to your phone? (Score 1) 137

If RFID chip is on sticker why put it on mobile phone? You could just have small card in your wallet.

> "People typically have their phone much closer to hand, so I think they are more ready to pay,"
> he explains. "For example, many women put their cards at the bottom of their purse for security,
> but keep their phone at the very top for easy access."

Won't they start to put phone at the bottom of the bag for security?

And what if someone device looking like anti-theft gate, which in fact deducts money from all RFID cards passing by?
Some banks in Poland are issuing RFID debit cards, which require no authorization for payments lower than 50PLN ($17 or 12).

Comment Lab rats (Score 1) 824

So we are like lab rats.

Most of the walk buttons doesn't work, but you can never be sure if this particular button works or not, so you press it anyway. Otherwise you risk standing there for ages like stupid who doesn't know how to press a button.

Comment Easier way to replace parts - is it that hard now? (Score 2, Informative) 105

"In the future, machines will be made up of four -- or five or six -- modules. So if something breaks, you will get a CRU [customer-replaceable unit] sent to you," predicts Brendan Keegan, president of Worldwide TechServices, a provider of outsourced service technicians to major high-tech companies. Replacing a CRU will be about as hard as playing with Legos, he says: "If your RAM goes bad, the company might send you Module No. 6 to replace the RAM and a couple of other things. You pop the old one out and pop the new one in. And you are done."

MB, CPU, RAM, PSU, Hard Drive(s) and Graphic card - six modules, user replaceable. You've got broken RAM - we can send you a new one, which you can replace yourself without any soldering.

For less advanced - bigger units - Central Unit, Display Unit, Alphanumeric Input Unit, Pointing Device Unit. Sometimes Printing & Scanning Unit. Just connect/disconnect cables.

We already have it for years.

Comment Digikam (Score 1) 326

Digikam! It can save tags in metadata, it can geotag and it works with large photo collections. I don't know how it works on Win (available via the KDE windows installer) but on GNU+Linux it's great. And it's free (as in speech and as in beer).

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