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Comment Re: A shame (Score 1) 261

Why not? You have no idea what is going to happen with the current flavor of the month. It might disappear next month or go on for years and years.

How do you know today what services will still be around in 10 years?

You don't.

Really the best option is to avoid them all entirely and stick to real purchases where you are in complete control of the product you've bought.

My oldest MP3s predate ALL music services.
My oldest MKVs predate ALL video services.

I suspect that I will still be able to use my media horde long after the current flavors of the month are long gone.

Comment Re:US rental industry is insane (Score 2) 261

> It's easy to give away something that someone else spent money to produce. Hence the need to enforce copyright infringement.

The Media Moguls and corporate shills are just mad that the pirates are making them look bad. The pirates are a cabal of volunteers that are doing better at providing a useful service than media companies owned by some of the biggest megacorps on the planet.

You're embarrassed because you look like an incompetent idiot.

When you aren't fixated on treating your paying customers like shit, a lot of technical challenges suddenly become easier because you aren't making the job harder than it needs to be.

DRM free content stomps all over the officially sanctioned products and services regardless of whether or not that liberated file is paid for or pirated.

Comment Re:still too expensive (Score 4, Interesting) 261

You can only charge what the market will bear.

There is nothing "naive" about that. No what's naive is the assumption that any pirate represents a paying customer. A pirate is someone willing to "buy" your product for $0. That represents the value of "infinity" on your price/demand curve for an inelastic luxury item.

Some people will alway pirate. On the other hand, there is likely some price at which more people will pay you. It may even be to your advantage to price your good at that level.

It's all about making money.

Crime and punishment and artistic megalomania are nothing but red herrings.

It's not that the entertainment industry owes us something. It that the entertainment industry is not owed something. They don't have a right to make money. If they price themselves out of the market or abandon it entirely, then that's no one else's fault but theirs.

Degenerate moochers are just something to distract you from your own failure as an artist or businessman.

Comment Re:still too expensive (Score 2) 261

> STTNG is priced at $125 a season because there are people who want it that are willing to pay that much for it.

It's funny that Trek should be mentioned here because those shows are available on the pay-per-month streaming services now. There's really not much reason left to buy those sets at any price. Never mind an unrealistic one.

Comment Re:Not so Invulnerable now, huh...? (Score 1) 173

> Nothing would keep a similar virus from attacking Mac if you run any sort of remote access and a weak password.

It's funny you should mention that because I run a daemon that checks /var/log for suspicious activity. When it finds something that looks like a brute force attack, it blocks the attacker with a firewall rule.

Now this thing is a nice ready made app available through my distro's standard repos. But in the old days, I cobbled the same thing together with a bash script.

If you aren't operating under the assumption that you are helpless and the situation itself is helpless, there's actually a lot of stuff that you can do do slow attackers down.

The idea that "it's all about popularity" is one of the most dangerous bits of self-delusion that the Lemming crowd perpetuate. They make it sound like there's no defense when there are a lot of clear an obvious defenses.

The first one is to not be a total idiot and/or tolerate a crap product.

You simply don't have to be trapped into using crapulence you will later feel the need to make excuses for.

Comment Re:No, still pretty invulnerable... (Score 2) 173

> A user can go along time without seeing virus and malware in OSX because OSX holds 7.18% of the market as opposed to Windows 7

That's just the deluded nonsense of a Lemming.

There have been virus ridden minority platforms before. This was quite common back when there were actually other platforms to choose from. Operating systems in those days were much less robust. Viruses were common because those platforms suffered from similar nonsense that Windows does now.

Windows is crap. It gets viruses because it is crap. Being "popular" has nothing to do with it.

The current version of MacOS has fewer viruses because it is built on a solid foundation that isn't undermined by really stupid ideas about usability.

Lemmings just want to pretend that Windows isn't crap and always has been. It's not something that people like. It's something that people TOLERATE because a perception that they are trapped by it being the only well supported platform.

Comment Re:Because blanket requests are necessary. (Score 1) 364

> Scripts sometimes make mistakes. Criminalizing mistakes isn't "obviously correct" as an approach.

Of course it is. Individuals and corporations need to be responsible for their actions. The very basics of society and law will break down otherwise. Whining that "it's too difficult" is simply unacceptable. If you make mistakes that harm others, you need to be accountable for them. If you build a machine that makes those mistakes for you, you still need to be held accountable for them.

As always we have a blatant double standard... "tort reform for the rich, crime and punishment for the poor".

Comment Re:keep it simple stupid (Score 1) 165

Yeah. Why do something simple like an interface that allows you to watch what you want when you want. Instead subject them to shoddy equipment that may or may not even allow them to time shift properly. Give them something THEY have to PROGRAM. Give them something where what they want to watch might not even be one of the choices for "demand".

No. A "video jukebox" is much simpler.

In fact, this is generally what you are trying to achieve with a non-crap PVR.

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