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Comment Re:Yeah, but $54 for a USB Wifi? (Score 2) 85

Having supported Apple in the enterprise, I will respectfully disagree. When a Dell has an issue, you call Dell. They send out a part, and offer a technician to replace it. When an Apple has an issue, you drive a half hour to the mall, wait 2 hours in line to talk to the technician, only to have them take the computer into the back room and have you return in a few days. Which is the good tech support?

Comment Re: corporate bubble (Score 1) 222


Are you sure?

First Link:

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said Tuesday that most opponents to his controversial cybersecurity bill are teenagers in their basements as the Obama administration threatened to veto the measure for its potential to violate civil liberties.

Comment Re:Microsoft has accounts? (Score 1) 132

Why not? How is the Wii-mote any different than a mouse? And the keys on the Wii-mote are pretty much like a keyboard. The newer editions of Metroid have you aiming by pointing the Wii-mote, this is not much different than any other FPS on the computer. It would be much easier to use a keyboard/mouse than the Wii controllers.

Comment Re:Differences in the U.S? (Score 1) 318

Please stop rubbing it in...we know everything is better outside the US, but we can't do anything to correct it....we just cheer on the ACLU fighting to correct the craptastic situation. Yes, in the US, you have different carriers that use different technologies to access their networks. Therefore, besides AT&T and T-Mobile, you -HAVE to buy the handset from the carrier. With AT&T and T-Mobile, it kind of boils down to them being pretty crappy with not as good of coverage (T-Mobile) or abysmal customer service/actively fighting their customers (All of them...)

Comment Re:sounds like the market has spoken (Score 4, Insightful) 318

From TFS:

'A significant number of consumers are using smartphones running a version of the Android operating system with known, exploitable security vulnerabilities for which fixes have been published by Google

They did release patches, the carriers are blocking them, therefore, ACLU is suing to get the carriers to stop being jerks.

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