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Comment Re:Gloves? (Score 1) 115

Why would you wear gloves for handling Jalapeños? those are really mild chiles

Exactly what I was going to say. You're going to be putting the peppers directly on a highly senstive mucous membrane, why the hell would you need gloves on your hands?

Comment Re:This will be very interesting. (Score 1) 164

By holding to that definition, you reject the rule of law in favor of the rule of man. Clearly the Supreme Court is made of fallible humans, and they have made errors in the past. Why even have a Constitution if you believe that what 9 people in robes say about it is more important than what it actually says?

Comment Re:Small correction - not hosting (Score 2) 164

but you still in principle are not against taking the movie or novel that my brother put his heart, soul, and financial future into making and giving it away to anybody who wants it, because in your theory he has no particular right to the fruits of such labor because it's bits on a disk instead of, say, a piece of hardware like your the expensive computers and smartphones middle-class users use to view the content, right?

Yes, exactly. Bits on a disk are not scarce. Hardware is scarce. The two are entirely different economic paradigms and it makes no sense to force one to be like the other. The real injustice is in the government trying to subvert basic laws of economics.

Comment Re:It's not a matter of heavy metals (Score 2) 223

As such, this would include second-hand smoke, impaired (or delayed) mental function where concentration is required (such as driving), or other activities which may end up requiring an undue amount of compensation from society to balance out

True, but you have to apply the same analysis to all recreational activities. If you're going to ban Cannabis because it's dangerous, you have to ban all other recreations which are more dangerous than Cannabis. Turns out Cannabis is one of the safest recreations, you're more likely to cause long term brain injury by playing football than smoking cannabis.

I start to wonder if the person isn't compensating for a fundamental life issue that is causing them undue stress that needs to be dealt with.

Possibly, but that's their business and you should mind your own.

i simply thought that sobriety was a trait held in high esteem by society in general, along with kindness, charity, and goodwill.

No, not really. A kind drunk is far preferable to a judgmental teetotaler. Kindness is in itself a virtue. Sobriety is at best loosely associated with virtue.

Comment Re:It's not a matter of heavy metals (Score 1) 223

Granted, this may be part of my lapsed Catholic upbringing, but I was under the impression drinking was considered morally wrong

They may have considered it such, but they were wrong. Not only wrong, but by judging people by the way they have fun they are themselves immoral. Moralizing is immoral. Live and let live.

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