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Comment Re:As the song asks... (Score 1) 358

I just can't imagine how spending one's time "tweeting" or maintaining a Facebook page has much to do with what kind of employee I want, unless perhaps those "tweets" particularly socially unacceptable.

If you don't have a facebook page (with friends...) the question of 'why not' arises. Do you not have any friends? Are you not allowed to use facebook? Sure, the Facebook privacy invasion service is well, a privacy invasion service, but if you can't connect with the vast real world of people who use it I have to wonder about how well you're going to get along with all of the other people on staff who aren't technical. I don't care how brilliant you are, if you can't get along with people I don't want you as an employee. If you haven't at least used twitter, or don't have a smartphone how tech savvy and current are you? Well.. if you just moved to this country and you don't have a job and don't have a cell phone then no big deal. If you have lived here for 5 years and don't have a smartphone I have to wonder about your nerd cred (depends on the job).

But why would I - why SHOULD I - give a shit about my applicant's "tweets" unless perhaps they deal with bizarre rape fantisies or something, in which case I might reasonably wonder why my applicant isn't smart enough to use an alias?

Yes exactly. If you're claiming to not be tweeting, are you tweeting under an alias that is going to come back and bite me, as the employer, in the ass when it gets found out? So you do care a lot about what people are doing online, especially if they aren't at least kind of open about it.

In other words, in my opinion, your "tweets" and Facebook prattle have no interest to me in terms of evaluating your job skills. In fact, I might be uncomfortable with someone who spends too much time in an on-line world.

You're contradicting yourself. You very much care. You don't care if it's normal and uninteresting. You care if it's abnormal. And you kinda want to find out which of those two bins the person is in.

If someone comes in for a job and you ask 'what are your 5 most frequented internet sites?' and they say 'I don't use the internet' you kinda wonder about them. If they say 'the pirate bay, torrentfreak, pornhub, redtube, tor, etc.' then they're a bit too honest. If they say 'network world, slashdot, reddit. facebook, google' then they at least know what a good answer is.

Comment Re:And the funny bit is... (Score 0) 166

While speaking of hipocrisy, why do you hold different outrage for the abuse of non-US citizens versus US citizens? :P

Also, this stuff goes way beyond partisan politics, and has been going on for longer than even Bush. Don't waste time with petty finger-pointing. Yes, boo for falling for Obama. But also no points for being against Obama by default, just because you "are Republican" (this is all bullshit, you are the person your mother gave birth to, the rest are labels made by assholes to catch fools with, and don't you ever forget that).

Comment It's a political problem.. (Score 2) 391

.. that can only be solved politically. If you want peace of mind, prepare for decades of serious struggle, and learn to be okay with that.

If your ISP and the websites you use hand over everything, if things gets collected at packet level wholesale; what does it even matter what browser you use? It doesn't, not one bit.

Comment Re:Innocent until blogged about (Score 1) 666

On what planet is it ok to excuse a crime by saying that another crime happens more often?

What crime did I excuse that way? Killing someone in self-defense by accident?

Unless you're looking at police reports or other data I haven't seen in this thread, there is no reliable information about what happened.

Even just reading his post is pretty fucking damning.

Comment Re:Innocent until blogged about (Score 1) 666

You can not accuse just anyone to have stolen things from your room which are then found in theirs, for one.

He was in her room, she never was in his.

Then there's the bruises. She has an explanation for them, he has nothing.

Which reminds me, then there is his dumb fucking blog post in response, where he just calls he mentally unstable, and that it should be no surprise to anyone that she would make that up. What psycho fucking bully would leave it at that?

So while you wait for more evidence or someone else to figure it out for you (with that mindset, how can you even say that's what the cops are for: if YOU are unable to figure shit out, how can you verify they are?), I kinda heard enough.

I'm old enough to remember McMartin and how quickly the court of public opinion can crucify somebody only to later turn out to be bullshit

Then why are you not also old enough to remember all the women who got raped or otherwise abused, and were at best ignored, at worst attacked when they asked for help? On what planet is men wrongfully being accused of rape an issue even *visible* next to women being raped?

Just look at this thread and at how many people joke about it, or bend over backwards to pretend there isn't enough information to have an opinion either way, or how technically she could have just as well attacked him. All sorts of insane, cowardly bullshit by spineless anonymous fucks. "rape culture" is not just an empty phrase, it's an atmosphere so thick one can slice it.

Kudos for posting with your account, I guess you're a good dude but I disagree with you. Part of me genuinely wishes she could have simply have cracked his skull. Then it would have been her word against his dead rapist body, and this hardly a story.

Comment alternate universe (Score 1) 98

Oh yes it did. I'm guessing you're just too young to remember. Thanks to massive os/2 tv campaigns, "normal" people suddenly wanted a computer, not just a console to play games on

I'm certainly not "too young to remember". I wish.

It was a different world then. There wasn't an internet to immediately find out that some marketing term was full of shit. If five percent of the population at the time could distinguish OS/2 from PS/2 I'd be shocked. The one thing people knew for certain is that IBM never went hungry. IBM was attempting to run the entire information technology industry as a centrally planned economy, with some success. When the PC division was finally cut loose from the rest of the Blue Machine, it was mainly to free it from the IBM culture of seven layers of internal review on every decision about capability, volume, or price.

The only reason IBM entered the PC business in the first place was to drain away the nimbleness of young legs. If IBM had allowed the PC industry to cannibalize the mid-range sooner and more aggressively, all their employees clinging to incentive clauses in their mid-range operations would have started to circulate their resumes, both within IBM and without. As my brother never ceases to repeat: the first rats off a sinking ship are the best swimmers. Loss of talent off the top would have been horrendous in some of their existing cash-cow business lines. Quarterly earnings reports would have ceased to glow and executives would spending more quality time with family.

Businesses really do paint themselves into a corner with their internal incentive structures. Tearing up all those employment contracts is disruptive. Clinging to the past is dangerous. Operating a company with different rules in different divisions can quickly gut your workforce at the high end, as the best swimmers stampede to opportunity unleashed. It's extraordinarily rare to gut the cash cow, no matter how rabid the skinny upstart across the street.

What IBM underestimated was the acceleration term: how much more quickly a person armed with a crappy PC was able to figure out they had been saddled with an over-built and over-priced tank capriciously constrained to lumber along with an insufficient engine for a decade or more.

Intel 80286 had 134,000 transistors. Cortex M0 can be implemented in 12K gates. Based on logic functions which shows 12 transistors for a general purpose flip flop these designs are at about the same level of complexity. 80286 runs 2.66 MIPS at 12.5 MHz. The M0 runs 0.9 MIPS/MHz (wider MIPS to boot). Now it might be the case that exploiting the Cortex instruction set back in the eighties was a beyond the compiler technology of the day, but somehow I have my doubts that IBM was incapable of crossing that bridge had they chosen to do so.

I'd be very curious to see someone figure out how well a Cortex M0 could have been implemented in the 80286 process technology. Three to one margin? It's certainly possible on the surface numbers. The downside of the Cortex is increasing memory pressure with wider native memory cycles and a more severe performance trade-off when byte-packing or bit-packing every important data structure. The wider off-chip memory path is a significant PCB fabrication cost.

As I correct one myopic IBM decision after another I wind up in an alternate universe where AT&T sues IBM instead of suing BSD/Cortex. Those of us who lived through this era spent a lot of time day-dreaming about alternate universes.

Comment Re:Innocent until blogged about (Score 1) 666

That post totally works against him. He seems to think rational argument works the same way as his idea of lovemaking? I posted a comment, but I doubt that coward would approve it (seeing there are 0 comments so far, yeah right), so I'll post it here as well:

So your "argument" is basically "she is mentally unstable". Because you claim that.

How about I claim that you're a rapist, so "none of your post is surprising"?

Try again maybe, this time actually addressing the evidence, the fact that you stole from her room, and how come you've both been bruised after your visit to her.

Oh, actually: if she, according to you, is so clearly mentally unstable, that you are not even surprised she would falsely claim you raped her -- why did you go to her room in the first place??

Why add to being caught, being caught in your own web of lies? You're just adding to it. This isn't looking good for you. Not good at all.

Comment Re:Innocent until blogged about (Score 1) 666

f there wasn't sufficient evidence to move forward with charges, then there isn't sufficient evidence to justify her naming and shaming him.

The fuck? How about she actually was in that situation?

And no, it doesn't show any courage on her part, it makes her a part of the problem, as it encourages people to see rape survivors as gold diggers and sociopaths

This is classic victim blaming. And looking around in this thread, I don't think people need encouragement for that. Fucking disgusting.

The Military

Fear of Thinking War Machines May Push U.S. To Exascale 192

dcblogs writes "Unlike China and Europe, the U.S. has yet to adopt and fund an exascale development program, and concerns about what that means to U.S. security are growing darker and more dire. If the U.S. falls behind in HPC, the consequences will be 'in a word, devastating,' Selmer Bringsford, chair of the Department. of Cognitive Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, said at a U.S. House forum this week. 'If we were to lose our capacity to build preeminently smart machines, that would be a very dark situation, because machines can serve as weapons.' The House is about to get a bill requiring the Dept. of Energy to establish an exascale program. But the expected funding level, about $200 million annually, 'is better than nothing, but compared to China and Europe it's at least 10 times too low,' said Earl Joseph, an HPC analyst at IDC. David McQueeney, vice president of IBM research, told lawmakers that HPC systems now have the ability to not only deal with large data sets but 'to draw insights out of them.' The new generation of machines are being programmed to understand what the data sources are telling them, he said."

Comment low Android sex drive (Score 1) 64

I'm also getting closer to ten days per charge mainly running the low power Big Time watchface and not receiving too many notifications.

First win: I've programmed my own watchface with a non-standard time coordinate that matters to me.

Second win: I used to take a medication daily that had to be taken at a precise time in the mid-afternoon for optimum effect. Even after more than a year of practice, I still missed one audible watch alarm every ten days to two weeks. I don't wear my phone on my belt (it gets set down across the room when at home), so that wouldn't have been reliable either. Never miss Pebble's wrist buzzer if I'm wearing the watch. Even when I'm in the shower, if the the watch is placed on a hard surface, if makes enough noise to hear over the splashing water. I could wear it in the shower, but I don't wish to expose it to my nasty medicated shampoo.

Fortunately I've been immune all my life to any concern over whether someone out there might think something is cool, so far seeking out my own functionality. I like mine 20" square (in pairs) or small and unobtrusive. I find the 4" lifestyle most awkward of all: large enough to constantly notice you have it, too small to be completely effective. Likewise, I find Twitter completely ridiculous. Either the message should read "Beers 5 o'clock?" or it should be written with full sentences and paragraph units.

I watched a video on illicit cognitive enhancing drugs last night. I can see the appeal for the younger generation. They need to recover the 10% of their brain power they lose by the over-use of these ridiculous tweener form factors which specialize in mental fragments longer than a smoke signal and shorter than a completed thought.

Third win: This morning I received a phone call while I was still in bed. My watch rasped on my bed-side table so I opened one eye, determined it was a call I wanted that could wait for another hour, then rolled over and went right back to sleep. My phone was in the far corner of the house. I'm really surprised it works at all at that distance. (I've also missed a few from this distance. This might depend on charge status of one device or the other.)

Given that I don't actually sleep with my phone (low sex drive, I guess) my Pebble easily earns its keep.

Comment Congratulations unpaid lord (Score 1) 47

Being a member of the house of lords allows him to be an unpaid member of the government, is a common political appointment in both the british and canadian systems (House of Lords or the Senate, but the same basic function). A UK cabinet minister from the house of lords collects about 110k pounds a year. When he gets turfed from government (as they all do eventually) he won't get paid anything unless he chairs a committee, or a couple of other things. But he will get to call himself Lord. Which is part of the perks of the appointment.

Considering the head of BT was paid 8.5 million pounds for 2012 that's a bit of a pay cut.

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