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Comment Re:"Normally stable Chrome"? (Score 1) 102

It sounds to me like you might have a corrupt profile? I've never had any of these issues with Chrome (on Linux) and I've been using it since the very first Chromium releases. Switched to the official Google version of Chrome a few years ago when it was released. It's pretty stable for me, but this bug did cause my profile to become corrupted and it would basically crash on startup. I just restored from my weekend system backup and everything was fine again.

Comment Re:Gridlocked with No Way to Prime the Pump (Score 1) 438

I believe the argument against deflation is not that people will stop spending, but rather people will stop investing (including keeping it in a bank). With inflation there is an incentive to not let money sit around, and to at least put it somewhere where it gets interest (ie gets invested in something / loaned out). This would mean credit is harder to get (see post crash 2008 credit crisis) and slows down the velocity of money.

Comment Re:Who likes Unity ? (Score 4, Interesting) 306

I refused to update for the longest time when Ubuntu switched to Unity, but then I got a new laptop and figured I'd give it a shot first. I was pretty set of just using Mint but really wanted to give Unity a try before switching. I was surprised that I actually sort of liked it, especially once I learned the keyboard shortcuts. My task bar always got cluttered with lots of windows in Gnome 2, and their order wasn't consistent which was a minor annoyance. Realistically, Unity feels a lot like Windows 7 to me (though I've only used Windows 7 briefly on other people's machines, I really liked the UI), and it got rid of all the clutter. I like that Gnome Do is essentially integrated into Unity, and there are some other nice features as well.

That said, I haven't seriously tried Gnome 3 yet. I installed it and loaded it up, and then did a wtf when I couldn't really figure out how to use it and wondered why it was so ugly before switching back to Unity. It felt like a very incomplete product. I've since read that you need to use a lot of add ons (or whatever the correct term for them is) to make it more usable, but at this point it's not worth the investment in time when Unity works well enough for me.

Comment Re:Leap second got Reddit? (Score 1) 284

Nope, it went down right at 0000 for me. Interestingly, Chrome 20 on Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64 went to a crawl immediately at 0000 and was using 100% CPU (mostly Flash, but I killed that and other processes would just increase their load). It seemed to cycle through the Chrome processes, with each taking a turn of 20-40% CPU usage. It was during this time I tried to load Reddit and got the page saying they were down. Force killed Chrome, re-opened it, same issue. Tried 2 more times with kill -9 and it kept happening as soon as Chrome opened. I had to reboot to make it stop doing this.

Comment Re:64 bit? (Score 4, Informative) 196

Exactly. The 64-bit version won't even install on my 64-bit version of Ubuntu 12.04. It complains of dependency errors with ia32-llbs and how it can't install it or ia32-libs-multiarch. That said, the 32-bit version installs and runs just fine. It also finally fixes the nasty bug of using 100% CPU while on a video call.

Comment Re:This is how Peerblock comes in handy (Score 4, Insightful) 601

Sure it is. You can still use their blocklists. I have a script on my NAS (running Transmission) to download them daily and tell Transmission to use them. Works perfectly other than having to automatically restart Transmission at 5am every day, which really isn't a problem.

If you're using a standard Linux with iptables (unlike my NAS which has iptables removed...), just use moblock. It handles getting them daily and blocking them at the firewall, though this won't really stop your torrent client from at least still trying to connect to those peers. Then again that's the same position PeerBlock users are in. Having the torrent client itself use them in probably more efficient, but this is easier.

Comment Re:Want some bot traffic? (Score 1) 125

You should restrict it in robots.txt. I had to do it on my site because Google kept appending a character over and over to a variable in the URL. It would just add another character on and request again. It was a pretty weird bug and was generating gigs of traffic as well. You can also restrict Google's crawl rate in Webmaster Tools.

Comment Re:Jobs isn't betting his platform on it... (Score 2, Interesting) 483

on my Evo 4G, Flash is actually very usable. It defaults to blocking flash on sites (flashblock style), so you have to click on an element for the Flash content to load. Otherwise, the internet would be unusuable with all the Flash ads that would load up. It will slow down other aspects of the phone a bit and it sucks battery (at least watching a Flash video will), but I'd still much rather have it for those inevitable sites that are Flash only...

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