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Journal Journal: in which i am a noob all over again 17

I haven't posted a journal here in almost three years, because I couldn't find the button to start a new entry. ...yeah, it turns out that it's at the bottom of the page.

So... hi, Slashdot. I used to be really active here, but now I mostly lurk and read. I've missed you.

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Journal Journal: THE END 8

Although I stopped posting stuff here ages ago, I've had the My Amigos feed in Google Reader, and have occasionally wandered in to have a look.

But now I've decided to cut my ties here permanently. So as soon as I've posted this, I'm unsubscribing My Amigos. I've already updated my User Info with how to contact me.

To those few of you who still post here, thanks for the fun times. It's nothing personal, I just need to cut down the amount of time I spend on social networks generally.

-MT. signing off.

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Journal Journal: risible 2


  • causing or capable of causing laughter; laughable; ludicrous.
  • having the ability, disposition, or readiness to laugh.
  • pertaining to or connected with laughing.
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Journal Journal: The best thing about trolling APK? 62

The best thing about trolling APK? Sometimes I want to read an article a few days later when more discussion has occurred. If I put a reply in it, APK will helpfully respond to it. Next time I login, there is a convenient reminder in my message list.

Thanks Alex!

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Journal Journal: Thanks Dr. Bob 11

Thanks go out to Dr. Bob. Usually when I'm bored with mod points, I'll go and split them between marking Barbie 'Troll' and 'Insightful'. Or I'll go dump fifteen on pudge. But tonight, Dr. Bob gets five points of mod bombing. If only all quackopractors were modbombed out of business.

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Journal Journal: Tuesday is for cassettes and VWs

On tap is The Cure - The Head on the Door. Takes me back to my '69 Red VW Bug and the Alpine with 6x9s (straight from Pep Boys) I put in my junior year. I had three tapes: The Cure, Rush, and George Thorogood and played the hell out of all of 'em.

I'm "re-discovering" The Head on the Door and I have to say, what an amazing album... fantastic songwriting and such an eclectic mix of influences. From the pop infused In Between Days to the Spanish Flamenco tinged The Blood... every song on the album is amazing, but different.

And of course, there is Close To Me and A Night Like This, which coupled with In Between Days makes this album a classic and one that will stand the test of time...
I must be in a reminiscing mood, because I've come back to /. and started up my journal... and yesterday I went for drive through HB. Wasn't quite the warm fuzzy memory lane drive that I was hoping for, because the whole damned place has changed and the long-arm of Satan-worshiping OC Developers has wiped away everything that I remember (except for the 17th street deli and the downtown post office).

I hate that they built two (and a third is in the works) monstrous "beach resorts" on PCH... they look like shit and attract touristy asshats that don't know how to pick up their own garbage.

I hate that downtown has become a drug-infested, white trash Gangland episode... and the weekends are straight stupid with thousands of drunk assholes puking and fighting and pissing up and down Main.

I hate that developers have built homes on EVERY square inch of land all the way up to Goldenwest... and now the oil fields of Bolsa Chica are being decommissioned and condos and homes built there: yeah! no two-headed babies will EVER be born there on top of the now "safe" oil fields...

I had lunch at Las Barcas. Great Mexican food... place has been there 26 years or so... at least they're aren't going anywhere. Oh wait, yeah they're being told they need to close for 6 months while the landlord "rebuilds" the strip mall into a MODERN Italian Villaesque destination shopping resort.

What the fuck?

Yeah: Modern Italian Villa Destination Shopping Resort.

April. Just in case you were wondering.
"cause when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door"
5 extra credit points if you can tell me why they're call "Jumping Jacks."
I can't spell to save my life. Word spell checker overheats when I write a proposal or blog entry or letter... and my grammar is for shit. You can see it for yourself, I don't need to point it out. It just makes me feel better to admit it, because I can make fun of it, thus justifying my lack English Skillz.
Yeah. Tomorrow is Wednesday. One day closer to the new Gojira album.

That's it.

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Journal Journal: Thursday is for Klytus 1

Do me a favor... put your makeup on in your home, not your car. Not on the 55 Freeway. Not in the fast lane. Thank you.
Tomorrow is Friday.
I got the cardboard and tape deck... you name the place and time. Poppin' Taco and Boogaloo Shrimp forever!
The number of Americans claiming jobless benefits fell last week and factory employment in the U.S. Midwest hit a 27-year high in March, more signs that an improvement in the labor market is under way...
Donald Trump and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: a winning team in 2012!
Just a thought, but I might just relocate to the land of Brie and Berets if Trump, Bachmann, Palin, Gingrich, or... any other neocon fuckwit is elected in 2012. Just come see me down at the Long Beach docks for a free ride.
Holy Mother of Gawwwd... Nat King Cole just came on my iPod. Hmmmmm... only 268 Days, 8 Hours, 13 Minutes until Christmas.
This year I will get my annual physical (which I haven't had since 1988).
The balls on this guy: GE chief executive Jeff Immelt told the Economic Club in Washington that his company did nothing wrong. "At GE, we do like to keep our tax rate low, but we do it in a compliant way, and there are no exceptions," Immelt said. "Our tax rate will be much higher in 2011 as GE Capital recovers."

Big balls. And with a $3.5 Billion tax credit, I would assume his balls are not gold-plated.
H0pe and Chang3(TM)
Ch2m Hill called... I don't know about interviewing with a company that I simply can't pronounce.
On Tap today:
Pete Seeger - Stories and Songs for Little Children
Nomeansno - The Day Everything Became Isolated
Primus ('cause they SUCK) - Suck On This

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Journal Journal: Wednesd@y is for R0ad Tr1ps 2

Poway. Really?
Tomorrow is Opening Day 2011! While I am not as hopeful about the Angels this season as I was... say two years ago... I am excited to get back to Baseball!

Oh yeah... I almost forgot: Yankees suck balls.
With the coming of Baseball is... C A M P I N G! Yes, I know I could be camping tonight, but it's a little too cold and wet for my little girls... I got all of our gear out this last weekend and took inventory. Everything looks great and nothing is broken (that's a first!). I need 2 new first aid packs, since my oldest daughter decided to perform her best Evil Knevil on a scoooooter last Summer and took off the top 3 layers of skin from her knee to her foot.

And my alternate pack will expire in July. Sooooo, time to go shopping!


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Journal Journal: Tuesday: retcon 11

Oh, I wish I had a Holy Hand Grenade.
I am hopeful (but realistic) that Sensation will come to the West Coast in 2012. When it does the kids go to Grannie's house and the wife and me are off!
The realist in me knows that Sensation won't work in the States... but I can dream!
Baseball in 2 days...
If I had a Holy Hand Grenade, then all of my problems could be solved - rather quickly and with a loud bang!
This is from my "holy shit, he's a complete idiot" file:

Rick Santorum says the [Social Security] system has design flaws, but the reason it is in big trouble is that there aren't enough workers to support retirees. He blamed that on what he called the nation's abortion culture. He says that culture, coupled with policies that do not support families, deny America what it needs â" more people.

Not making that shizal up... nope.
In SoCal, it's big news that USC's Kappa Sigma fraternity is 'appalled' by photos of couple having sex on a USC building rooftop. "While the actions that were taken did involve a member of our chapter we, in no way, support this kind of behavior, nor do we promote any such actions," Ayushi Gummadi was quoted as saying.

Gummadi said inquiries into the incident had been launched and that the fraternity member seen in the photos had been suspended "for conduct unbecoming of a Kappa Sigma and a gentleman."

Wait... what? A frat, no a USC FRAT arguing ethical and moral character here? Whoa... I think that is the 3rd sign of the apocalypse. Maybe the Mayans were right.

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Journal Journal: Monday is for Truth, Justice, and the American Way 3

"Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound"
We're close to adding the 51st State... Libya. Personally, I can't wait to add Tripoli to my Spring Break destination!

Next up, the ever-inviting Syria! Woot Woooooo!
"...Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no... it's Superman"
Update: Wil Wheaton's podcasts are NOT funny. Not funny. And this has nothing to do with Mr Wheaton being a complete dick to me in 1988.
Yes, I know today is Tuesday, but I was sick yesterday, so yet again I am a day late and a dollar short.
"The never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way."
I miss Everquest and the weekend: 46-hour marathon campaign across the Plane of Hate.

My roommates and I would get off work Friday, go directly to Luckys (yes) and get supplies - which would consist of sugar, beer, more sugar, something salty, and much, much more beer. Go home and straight to our rooms. Fire up the cable modems (whoa!) and login.

Aziel (me) would shout: "where the @#$* are you guys... and then we would group up and... marathon begins...

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Journal Journal: Friday is for Jumping The Shark 1

Do you think John Travolta will ever make Battlefield Earth 2?
An update to Moonpie's nemesis, Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher: his podcasts are ok. Some parts are genius, laugh out loud funny, while other parts are clumsy and sometimes uncomfortably not-funny. Since they are free and IF you have the free time, I say download them and give them a listen.

If you hate them, then I do have Wil Wheaton'Âï½Â(TM)s address.
I just read that Travolta is making Battlefield Earth 2: Electric Boogaloo.
SuckerPunch opens today. Vanessa Hudgens is definitely worth the ticket price. Little Gabriella is alllll grown up.

(wow I just read that back and I am CREEPY).
On tap today
John Denver - Greatest Hits
Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real - Brando's Paradise Sessions
(This band is amazing... I saw them a few months back and they rocked the house. Pick it up and give 'em a try, you won't be disappointed!)
The Psychedelic Furs - All of This and Nothing
Bill Withers - Lean On Me - The Best of Bill Withers

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Journal Journal: Thursday and Gandhi is still in Hell. 4

I missed Thursday... but, (according to my Evangelical Co-Worker) Gandhi (yes, THAT Gandhi) is basking in the eternal hell-fire glow.

Oh, how I love Orange County.

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Journal Journal: Wednesday is Pain Day 10

2 Taekwondo classes last night - 240 minutes of kicking, punching, running, stretching... getting kicked and punched and run over. And I pay for this. Voluntarily...

It has become painfully obvious that my 40-year-old body is NOT as resilient as my 25-year-old body. Having a very difficult time walking this morning. And I pay for this. Happily.

I hope that my Master holds testing next week, so I can earn a belt promotion, because it's always fun to start on new poomses and kicking techniques... plus the green belt just looks cool!

I downloaded Will Wheaton's collection of podcasts last night. Got through 3 on the 55 freeway this morning... saving judgement until I get through at least 3 more.

Did I mention that I (and the wifey) gave up all meat (save fish) for Lent? I am sooooooooo craving a Double Double(TM) this morning. Come Easter Sunday afternoon, I will be deep, deep, deep into a meat coma.

One week until Baseball and I am NOT at all hopeful about my Angels. I don't think they'll see playing time in October and Jared "Sunshine" Weaver is counting down to Free Agency. (Side-note: when Sunshine shines with another team, I get a VERY nice bottle of Middletons Whiskey.)

On tap today:
1. Leela James - A Change Is Gonna Come
2. Solomon Burke - The Very Best Of Solomon Burke
3. Barbara Morrison - Live at the 9:20 Special

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