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Comment NSA is not a special case (Score 1) 290

Whatever concerns anyone might have about the NSA, however you think they could have possibly spied on you (whether they bothered or not) your lack of security means there are a thousand other parties just like them, to whom you're just as vulnerable.


If you're worried about the NSA, and I'm not even saying that's dumb, then also worry about the Chinese, the Russians, the kid next door, and Nigerian spammers. Your plaintext is as equally visible to anyone who wants to read it. OTOH if you have your ducks in a row, then the NSA is totally confounded. That is, unless someone has already been waving that $5 wrench at you. But if that's the case, then you already know about it so the issue is moot.

Comment Re:The F-35 is not the problem (Score 1) 270

The F-35 is not the problem. There will always be people lining up to fly the newest, hottest fighter. The problem is finding pilots for slow, unarmed, propeller-driven cargo planes on the milk run into Kabul or Basra.

How are they doing on their quote of people flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong? Or is that more a Navy specialty?

Comment Re:F35 and F22 (Score 1) 270

Now the A-10 is a plane that should never have be retired. It WAS the primary defense against a Soviet Invasion of western Europe

The A-10 is still in service, and won't be retired until 2028 at the very least. I predict it will be the C-130 of fighter/attack craft, just like the C-130 is the Energizer of cargo planes. Just keeps going and going and going...

B52s laugh at these silly newcomers to the flying game.

Comment Re:Art, not science (Score 1) 1029

Movies used to be a form of art, not a form of science. And the science is not there to make a good movie, but how to extract as much money as possible.

You've got to be shitting me. Since when? Shakespeare knew his crap was formulaic fodder to fill the cheap seats. Dickens got paid by the word, and it shows when served compiled into one tome instead of delivered serially. Where is this mystical, altruistic past where 'we did it for the art, man!'?

Comment Re:Completely And Utterly Wrong (Score 1) 835

You haven't presented 'facts'. You have presented interpretation and insinuation under the guise of impartiality. Persons like that are almost invariably wedded to their particular viewpoint and not worth the time. I'll pick an exemplar of where I think you are particularly wrong. You'll either minimize my criticism or point out that I didn't respond to the remainder of your laundry list. Boring. BTDT.

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