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Comment Re:Art, not science (Score 1) 1029

Movies used to be a form of art, not a form of science. And the science is not there to make a good movie, but how to extract as much money as possible.

You've got to be shitting me. Since when? Shakespeare knew his crap was formulaic fodder to fill the cheap seats. Dickens got paid by the word, and it shows when served compiled into one tome instead of delivered serially. Where is this mystical, altruistic past where 'we did it for the art, man!'?

Comment Re:Completely And Utterly Wrong (Score 1) 835

You haven't presented 'facts'. You have presented interpretation and insinuation under the guise of impartiality. Persons like that are almost invariably wedded to their particular viewpoint and not worth the time. I'll pick an exemplar of where I think you are particularly wrong. You'll either minimize my criticism or point out that I didn't respond to the remainder of your laundry list. Boring. BTDT.

Comment Re:Bullies like being bullies (Score 1) 835

That's not quite what GP is referring to. He is referring to government employees being immune, individually, against civil suits. As an example, the cops referred to in this article are likely immune from civil suits as their actions fall under their role as government agents. Sure, you can sue the NYPD, but even if they lose, who gives a shit? NYPD will pass the bills back to the city (?) who will pass it on to the taxpayer, either in the form of increased taxes or decreased services elsewhere. Only in exceptional cases will the asshat in the PD be held liable.

Comment Re:IRS Too? (Score 1) 835

You sounds like a bit of a fool to be honest. Your line of reasoning is something along the lines of:

Someone from a country where something bad is happened is criticizing my country so I must attack him and defend my own country!

That is idiotic and people like you are the reason SWAT teams run rampant. People like you are looking for any excuse to declare that your country as better than anywhere else and further use that as an excuse to feel that everything is OK.

It isn't. Actually try to observe things as they are and compare them to your own moral standards.

Give me a fucking break. 99% of the people on the internet (caution, invented statistic) are tribalistic turds who think their country is better than all the rest.

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