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Comment Re:No the complaining will start... (Score 1) 369

If I visit, and they include a reference to (an alias for, will the browser still happily include that cookie in requests to (another alias for If it does, that seems a blatant and obvious hole to plug in the browser.

If not, then the difference between third and first party cookies in this case means nothing. The data that aggregates via that cookie is entirely from, and they have no idea that I even visit

Comment Re:Brilliant idea (Score 1) 480

What is the name of this alternative method? I looked at the features on the Keepass website, and the only thing that sounds close is AutoType.

Luckily the source is available, and checking the source for 2.20.1 shows that the Linux version of AutoType uses xdotool, and the Windows version uses the SendInput functions. I'll be surprised if these are somehow invulnerable to keyloggers.

Comment Re:Shut up Notch (Score 1) 303

Did you read your post, where you claimed you couldn't run anything that didn't come from the app store? Just in case you forgot:

by default you are not allowed to install programs that don't come from the app store

You don't need to change any behaviour to run/install signed apps that DON'T come from the app store. If you download something from the app store, it is signed. The reverse is not necessarily true. This is what the previous poster was trying to point out.

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