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Comment Re:Activism (Score 1) 225


If you block roads or entrances to buildings you will be arrested and fined. Protesting or not.

If you have a permit to protest in a particular area, you will not, but you also won't be blocking entrance to businesses or important roads, and when you do ... you'll get arrested.

Have you ever looked at an actual protest anytime in your life? Do you know anything at all about them?

Comment Re:Theft (Score 1) 1010

Google get a clue.

TARP existed because the government changed a series of laws that took perfectly legitimate banks and suddenly made them illegal because the law changed what banks had to hold in reserve (and a bunch of other shit, I'm highly over simplifying since you clearly have no idea). The result is that a law change suddenly made banks way over drawn and operating illegally.

TARP existed because the government fucked up and TARP was a shitty shot at fixing the problems they created themselves.

Had banking laws not changed the year before, TARP would not have been needed.

The banks were never in danger of going out of business or defaulting on their debts, the numbers on paper simply no longer met the requirements they had been meeting for the last 100 years.

Don't get me wrong, I'm GLAD we changed the banking laws, but you're a moron for having no clue as to what actually happened in the financial world yet still spewing on like you know it all.

Comment Re:Theft? (Score 1) 1010

why exactly is his car different from a phone, or a laptop?

Are you seriously on slashdot posting that stupid of a question? Quantity might have something to do with it.

Faculty is supposed to be there. Parents are not authorized to roam around randomly at any school in the nation without prior authorization from the office.

And when he was told multiple times to stop ... but kept doing it ... oh, thats okay right? Because its on a building paid for by public funds, anyone can use that power.

Shit, why do I even pay my own electric bill. I'm right next door to a school, a few hundred feet of good quality wire and I can just use all the free public electricity I want, right? I mean thats what you're saying, right? Its perfectly acceptable for all of us to hook up to those outlets and then bitch when they blow and demand better service ... right?

God you're a moron.

Comment Re:Theft? (Score 1) 1010

Schools are not 'public' buildings, sorry to burst your ignorance bubble. They are for students registered in them to be at certain times of the day. Students can not freely roam schools whenever they want.


You are not allowed to take the computers that are in the building ... paid for by public funds. You are not allowed to walk into the cafeteria at 1am and make yourself a snack. You are not allow to take a fucking desk because you paid your taxes.

The problem is your stupid thought that these are public buildings that anyone can do anything they want with. Thats as retarded as saying that its okay for me to take every book in a library and keep it at my house forever since I paid my taxes and its public property.

You fucks with your 'I'm entitled to everything' mentality need to get a freaking clue.

The drinking fountain IS NOT THERE FOR PUBLIC USE. Its there for STUDENT USE. You're just ignorant of reality and assume that you too are entitled to use it. You're wrong.

There is no problem with clarity, you're just an idiot who hasn't learned that you're not entitled to take whatever you want.

Comment Re:Theft (Score 1) 1010

Notice that in this case the school did not press charges, implying that the school didn't mind the use, or at least judged it to be harmless enough.

... So, you didn't read any of the actual article at all did you ... you know ... the part where the cop ASKED THE SCHOOL IF THEY WANTED TO DO ANYTHING AND ONLY AFTER THAT DID THEY ARREST THIS JACKASS?

But hey, don't let facts get in the way.

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