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Comment Re:Poignant (Score 1) 168

I don't think even three months is enough time, sorry. I spent about a year backpacking across Europe, living in the UK for 2 years and Germany for a year and a half. Even then, I don't feel that well informed to make such broad comparisons as you have done.

I would agree that the quality of life is better in many ways in the US, but it is at the expense of the poorer classes. In Europe, the distribution is a lot more fair, and so the quality of life is far, far, far higher on average.

As for services vs taxes..., not only do they have decent health care regardless of your income, which is a basic right in most 1st world countries, they have other benefits that the US is so far behind in it isn't funny.

Education...the children are actually educated. No child left behind nonsense, and no paying off student loans for a significant portion of your working life.

Parental leave...vacation time....all far ahead of the US, and contribution greatly to a greater quality of life.

The US is ahead superficially...big houses and SUV's....but it isn't sustainable, and we are starting to see that in this country.

Submission + - Why is it so hard to get a serious 3rd party in place?

metrix007 writes: Everyone in the US seems to complain that the Democrats and the GOP are the same ala Kang and Kodos, and that it doesn't make too much of a difference which one you vote for as you will get screwed either way. Well, since the frame work is in place that anyone can form a political party..why isn't that being undertaken seriously?

Organized protests like OWS show that the support is there. Most states don't make it very hard to get on the ballot, and to be in a presidential debate you only need to have 15% support...which if the OWS support is any indication that should be easy.

What is stopping a real 3rd party from taking place? A 3rd party that has separation of church and state, complete support for LGBT, not shutting down the government over healthcare, holding the NSA responsible for the laws that have been broken, holding corporations responsible for the laws they continue to break, fixing patents, fixing copyright, fixing all the ridiculous problems with the hard can it be to get support from 15% of the population for all of that stuff?

Comment Re:Yet Another Einstein Article (Score 1) 195

Your post loses credibility when you start it by deliberately playing semantics and misconstruing the OPs statement.

If you have to do that to make your argument, why is the rest of what you wrote worth reading?

Yet, I did read it. You seem to miss the point of the OPs post. He could have articulated it better, but nonetheless it is clear.

What we say to be impossible is based on our current understanding, which is woefully inadequate for making such bold assertions.

Your saying that certain things are 100% impossible, indicates you don't have the est understanding of science. So maybe don't go around correcting people, mmmmkay.

Comment Re:Yet Another Einstein Article (Score 1) 195

Exactly. It's ridiculous the pedestal we place Einstein on.

I'd be willing to bet that many smarter than average people have larger than average corpus callosums. It doesn't seem like something that would be unique to Einstein.

Since Einstein, I think we have people who are without a doubt more intelligent, I mean just check this list.

Einstein made a breakthrough that would have inevitable happened anyway, because he was curious, smart, confident and able to think critically.

Putting him on a pedestal to the point where we study his brain like this just shows how ignorant and how low average intelligence is.

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