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Comment Re:It...it could take time (Score 1) 331

Yep ... thats how you do it ... except you left out the part they were complaining about ... having to tweak it for god knows how many devices of different sizes to make it so that its done properly rather than 'almost'.

Thats the thing they are complaining about. They don't want to be the typical android app, where everything is 'almost' as good as it is on the iStuff.

Comment Re:Offline living (Score 2) 140

The ignorant slashdot troll telling someone else how to use their time constructively, cute.

Perhaps that commute is the one time of day he fills with entertainment, and the rest of the time he is doing great things?

What if the commute is his only time to unwind and he's trying to fill it in with 10 minutes of something he couldn't otherwise fit into his schedule?

Your comment is insanely short sighted. You're in such a hurry to knock him, you completely ignore the possibility that he may do exactly what you speak of the rest of his time.

Hell, these videos could be segments Cosmos episodes, what then? Is that not enlightening yourself?

Comment Re:Hence why UEFI should be dismissed (Score 1) 100

You fail to understand ... the dealer you bought your car from ... can make a key on demand.

And you too can have the and control the Secure Boot key, if only you'd take a moment to learn rather than parroting other slashdot moron posts.

You can simply choose not to buy a Secure Boot implementation that doesn't let you control the key if you want, and buy one that does give you the key.

Its really not hard unless you're being an over-reacting fanboy, otherwise known as an RMS tool.

Comment Re:Hence why UEFI should be dismissed (Score 1) 100

... You realize that if we dismissed everything that had an implementation flaw in one or two of the hundreds of different implementations or more ... we'd never have any progress.

A new tire blows out just minutes after being installed. Does that mean tires are all useless?

Your post isn't informative, its ignorant. It wreaks of uneducated fanboy.

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 3, Informative) 70

The UK pretty much only said 'don't publish the actual key codes you discovered, but you can talk about how you discovered them all you want.


The UK doesn't really have a major problem with the publication, they just don't want half the cars in the country to suddenly be stolen by 15 year old boys who bought a $5 device from China tomorrow.

Comment Re:Organized crime (Score 1) 70

Thats not actually the concern.

Organized crime won't immediately go steal every Porsche on the planet because of this. Its too obvious and too dangerous for them to get busted. They aren't stupid, they don't cut off their nose to spite their face.

What you should be afraid of is every teenager being able to order a cheap 'open every car' device from China for $5. They will do something stupid like see how many cars they can steal in one day, just for shits and giggles or worse.

I'm afraid of assholes like those at Gizmodo who do think universal remotes make them cool since they can fuck with TVs at public presentations ... those are the asshats you need to be worried about having this information.

Comment Re:Back to BASIC (Score 1) 479

Anything you do on either platform with C++ (as thats what the arduino environment is) can be done FAR better in C.

Arudino isn't about producing fast code, its about producing an easy to use development environment.

No one uses the arduino IDE and libraries to do anything beyond some basic example tutorials.

Comment Re:Back to BASIC (Score 1) 479

Its hard to have an intelligent critique with something as silly as implying C++ can be shoehorned into the embedded world. It shows you really don't understand either the language or the target.

The EXACT reason you don't use it is because it does stuff that is unnecessary and abstracts away your ability to control it.

At best, you use C and occasionally make it work with some C++ objects. Most compilers will produce shittier code just because you rename a .c file to .cpp, let alone use actual features.

No compiler makes C++ not bloated compared to C.

Comment Re:Back to BASIC (Score 1) 479

Yes, but they said DECENT compiler, so GCC is immediately out.

GCC has to be the worst as far as optimization that I've ever seen. Its a shining example of OSS not actually delivering on its promise. Generally, something as widely used as GCC should be on par with commercial offerings (such as Linux in relation to the server market, it competes in an unquestionable way, with all the server OS big boys and stands strong), but it isn't. Its not even close. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if this sort of optimization is one it doesn't do since its one of those corner cases that shouldn't be that common.

Hell, the GCC assholes would probably tell you that they were helping you by not optimizing it.

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