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Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 3, Informative) 70

The UK pretty much only said 'don't publish the actual key codes you discovered, but you can talk about how you discovered them all you want.


The UK doesn't really have a major problem with the publication, they just don't want half the cars in the country to suddenly be stolen by 15 year old boys who bought a $5 device from China tomorrow.

Comment Re:Organized crime (Score 1) 70

Thats not actually the concern.

Organized crime won't immediately go steal every Porsche on the planet because of this. Its too obvious and too dangerous for them to get busted. They aren't stupid, they don't cut off their nose to spite their face.

What you should be afraid of is every teenager being able to order a cheap 'open every car' device from China for $5. They will do something stupid like see how many cars they can steal in one day, just for shits and giggles or worse.

I'm afraid of assholes like those at Gizmodo who do think universal remotes make them cool since they can fuck with TVs at public presentations ... those are the asshats you need to be worried about having this information.

Comment Re:Back to BASIC (Score 1) 479

Anything you do on either platform with C++ (as thats what the arduino environment is) can be done FAR better in C.

Arudino isn't about producing fast code, its about producing an easy to use development environment.

No one uses the arduino IDE and libraries to do anything beyond some basic example tutorials.

Comment Re:Back to BASIC (Score 1) 479

Its hard to have an intelligent critique with something as silly as implying C++ can be shoehorned into the embedded world. It shows you really don't understand either the language or the target.

The EXACT reason you don't use it is because it does stuff that is unnecessary and abstracts away your ability to control it.

At best, you use C and occasionally make it work with some C++ objects. Most compilers will produce shittier code just because you rename a .c file to .cpp, let alone use actual features.

No compiler makes C++ not bloated compared to C.

Comment Re:Back to BASIC (Score 1) 479

Yes, but they said DECENT compiler, so GCC is immediately out.

GCC has to be the worst as far as optimization that I've ever seen. Its a shining example of OSS not actually delivering on its promise. Generally, something as widely used as GCC should be on par with commercial offerings (such as Linux in relation to the server market, it competes in an unquestionable way, with all the server OS big boys and stands strong), but it isn't. Its not even close. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if this sort of optimization is one it doesn't do since its one of those corner cases that shouldn't be that common.

Hell, the GCC assholes would probably tell you that they were helping you by not optimizing it.

Comment Re:My oh my (Score 1) 438

I would argue that from a human perspective, they way things are looking, Earth isn't a self-sustainable biome either. We simply reproduce too much currently for this to continue to function once fossil fuels run out (i.e. fertilizer and medicine derived from oil goes away, the fuel isn't the issue).

Comment Re:Government can do little here... (Score 1) 125

Sorry, I should have left a source -

A lot of the time in the US the tax is included in the final price, especially at the big franchise like best buy or walmart. It's not enough of a factor to alter the point.

Consumer protection in the US varies by state I believe, and I don't think it would be 90 days. My friend just bought a $300 TV and got a 5 year warranty for $75...but that was unnecessary. It comes with a 1 year warranty, possibly as a requirement.

I don't think the shipping is that much of a cost increase, given how little shipping impacts the price when buying from Amazon or the like.

Anyway, my point was mainly that the cost increase in Australia isn't illegal, and that I don't know that the government should get involved.

Comment Re:Government can do little here... (Score 1) 125

Economics fail. You only get 'price the market is willing to pay' with monopolies.

What in the world are you basing that on? It's a basic tenant of economics. You have something to sell, people will either pay the price or consider it too expensive and go without/find an alternative.

Monopolies are only different because generally there is no choice but to pay the price.

I think you didn't get what I was trying to say. I was trying to say that software tends to be more expensive in your country because of import restrictions.

No, I got what you were saying, I just don't see it as relevant. IBM Australia doesn't need to import software from IBM USA, they can share the code and the development process. No importing needs to take place.

If you think this to be incorrect, what laws are you citing that would show me to be wrong? I'm genuinely curious.

Comment Re:Government can do little here... (Score 1) 125

For what it's worth, I am Australian.

Merchandise in Australia is significantly more expensive than it is in many other countries, namely the US and Canada. Part of this is because of the low unemployment, better median salary

  • Consumer Prices in United States are 33.76% lower than in Australia
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in United States are 36.51% lower than in Australia
  • Rent Prices in United States are 42.13% lower than in Australia
  • Restaurant Prices in United States are 34.18% lower than in Australia
  • Groceries Prices in United States are 28.26% lower than in Australia

Many companies have Australian branches, so importing isn't really the issue. It's simply the price the market is willing to pay. There is an IBM office in downtown Brisbane, one of the larger buildings. Are you really saying IBM software is more expensive in Aus because it has to be imported? When I could buy a copy online and have it shipped for cheaper?

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