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Comment Re:The real question... (Score 1) 264

I had heard about the Isis thing, yeah. It's an interesting theory.

Catholicism vs. Protestantism was at one point basically "believe what we tell you because we won't let you read the actual Bible" versus "we're sick of this, we're going to read it ourselves and draw our own conclusions." So in the fight between tradition maintained by powerful bishops, popes, etc. and "Scripture alone, faith alone, grace alone," I come out on the side of reading the actual book. As you might have guessed, I have been a Lutheran.

Of course, then there's the problem of whether to include certain books that may contradict the rest......

Comment Re:In Utero (Score 1) 264

Thank you for the references! They both come from a book that the church "de-canonized"...from which one can argue either viewpoint, I suppose. Either you believe that the writers of *this* gospel were involved in a conspiracy by creating the book, or the mainstream church was involved in a conspiracy to cover it up. Depending on your level of cynicism, I can see how arguments could be made for both.

The whole Gnostic "secret knowledge" claim seems to me a human construct rather than anything God would have wanted..."want all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth" etc. however there's of course power in influencing how people think.

Comment Re:The real question... (Score 1) 264

I always enjoy it when somebody whips out the "oh, it was distorted all along, the translation is a conspiracy, but I HAVE THE *TRUE* MEANING!"

This whole ~nirvana thing you're pushing seems to be rather at odds with the recurring "I am the Way...only through me" messages, but after all, you know better.

Comment Re:The real question... (Score 1) 264

Unfortunately, paul corrupted the church in it's formation, laying the groundwork for doublespeak that would chain the masses in ignorance.

The Catholics kind of consider Paul the founder of the entire freakin' church...can you even say that the founder "corrupted" it if it didn't exist prior?

One can only wonder at the manipulation needed to still include Jesus saying we are god/part of god in the bible and yet convince the masses that only Jesus is God.

I would be very interested in seeing verses that you quote in support of this. The Bible as far as I've ever seen emphasizes the ability of the reader to have a relationship with God, but it's at best as a confidant, and usually as an authority to be obeyed. God and/or Jesus (Trinity, y'know), angels, and man are rather clearly delimited as separate classes of beings.

Comment Re:Worst Kickstarter Ever? (Score 1) 252

The reason we lost the Start menu in the first place is because Microsoft added the Start menu search field, people started using it, and then they cited that according to their research, nobody used the actual menu anymore.

Ergo, if we quietly ignore Metro and don't complain about it, they will probably come to the conclusion that we are now "using" Metro and use that to justify killing off another part of the formerly perfectly-functional desktop.

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