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Comment Re:Spot the odd one out (Score 1) 156

Funny, my use cases are the exact inverse of yours. I have a JavaScript bookmark on my bar for exactly the last use case (well, for wrapping long <pre>s, actually). I don't have a webcam and don't intend to buy one, and would use different software for that anyway if I did, and have heard enough about Mozilla "focusing on speeding up JavaScript" for the last 12 releases that I'm sure it doesn't need more boosting for the time being.

How about *reducing* bloat? But yeah...

Comment Re:Justice is for the little people (Score 1) 168

Whether or not they actually did it is completely separate from:

A) how convenient it is for the government to be able to charge him with something
B) what exactly the government will do with him *when* he's convicted (I would like to be able to say "if"...but really)

Like they say, you're not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

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